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Limited Edition Fine Art Prints


Help us decide!  We’ve conquered the paper, the inks, the printer, the sizes, the prices, the quantities and even put together a mailing list for the FINE ART PRINTS but … we can’t decide on which image to print first!


Do we go with IGUANA? A fan favorite, highly requested, and probably a long time coming and always timeless. Or, do we go with CANADIAN TIGER?  She’s more recent, my tribute to Canadian nature, and I know a lot of you loved the painting.




Canadian Tiger bg


So what’s it all about? I wanted fans and collectors to share my art, and I wanted to add value to the art itself.  So in addition to the open ended prints of some of my older works, we’re now going to offer bigger, limited edition, signed and numbered, fine art paper prints of my new paintings, and each will come with a certificate of authenticity.  The plan is to release between 2 to 4 per year, based on input from collectors, fans, friends – you know how it goes -> we’ll ask you!  We’re looking into framing so if that’s something you’d like offered let us know!  We welcome all your comments, questions and suggestions! Please respond through the blog here or email us at cderricoinfo@gmail.com.  And don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list for fine art prints if you want to stay ahead of the news!


For now, let us know which of the two images you’d like to see as a large fine art print so we can make those available and find them homes!

Prints Are Back!

After being bombarded with requests, pleas, and pretty pleases we are bringing back the digital prints!  Not all the prints though .. we won’t have every one of the old prints available since some of those images are being retired to the Hall of Fame, to make room for other ones!  All digital prints will be sold online and at conventions and will still only cost $30 for full color and $25 for black and white.

New Print Releases

The new digital prints will feature work I’ve done for comic covers, digital paintings, and more black and white Helmetgirls illustrations.  There will be some prints of paintings from my earlier body of work.  To begin with, we’ve released Neo New York as our first new print of the year.  Planned prints include: Myspace Dark Horse Presents cover, Exploded View Cover, Elephantmen #29 Cover, Symbiotic Friends black and white, and Little Pink Ink Monsters. We also want to hear from you: which images do you want to see as digital prints?

Print of the Month at a Special Price

Every month we will feature a print; it may be an old favorite, like Bird’s Nest or it may be a new, never before released print. The featured print will be on sale throughout that month, for $25 instead of $30.  It is a great deal that you won’t want to miss out on! This month’s featured print is Neo New York and is now available for the whole month of February on the online store for its special price!


Tanpopo Posters

We’re also going to offer new Tanpopo Posters! These were a big hit last year in Singapore, we will have them at all conventions and we will soon have them on the online store.  Here is one: Tanpopo Field.

field poster


The prints are all 12″ x 18″, open edition, unsigned, and digitally printed on the highest quality, heavy card stock.

The posters are also 12″ x 18″, printed on glossy, lightweight paper. They are great for framing!