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Solo Show Announcement: “Il Codice d’Errico”

Codice d'Errico..

Codice d'Errico Title

It has been a long time, almost two years since my first solo show, and I am very happy to share my latest body of work in my first European solo show titled, “Il Codice d’Errico” at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, opening June 5th.


These 12 paintings are unlike anything I’ve ever created before. The show is an expression of two passions: my Italian heritage and my Helmetgirls.  I studied the greatest master of Italian art, Leonardo Da Vinci, and while his machines inspire many paintings, in others I was able to create inventions of my own, thanks to what I learned from him.


However the show is not just about fancy cogs and flying machines, it’s an expression of my own interests, love, fantasy, emotions and decisions. Many of these paintings are based on personal triumphs and setbacks. Though subtle, I wanted to use visual themes to reveal secrets and hold up mirrors to others and myself.


I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and present myself in black and white, shedding the richness of a color palette and replacing it with a stark and naked face of line work and detail.


Every girl, every Helmet, and every element has meaning on its own, and within the context of the painting itself. Like Da Vinci, I’m proud to present my own “code”, my Codice d’Errico. And I couldn’t be happier that it is all being unveiled in Italy!

For previews, pricing and purchase of the paintings, please contact: Mondo Bizzarro, Luisa Montalto, +39-06-44247451, info@mondobizzarrogallery.com.  For any press, interview or other questions, please contact me at cderricoinfo@gmail.com


I also invite you to come to Rome for the opening, on June 5th. I will be there, and I hope many people can come see these paintings in person, meet me and share this momentous occasion.

Thank You,


Camilla Solo Press June 2010