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New Social Media for The Camilla Store on Etsy

I’ve got awesome news! My super Etsy Coordinator Asami is on social media for The Camilla Store on Etsy! There are so many goodies and fun behind-the-scenes things to share, so she’s going to post those to The Camilla Store on Facebook here, Instagram and twitter @thecamillastore This’ll mean I can share art on my main accounts, and if you want all the details about my goodies and releases, you can follow them on @TheCamillaStore !

Asami helps answer Etsy messages and does the shipping for orders, so you can ask her questions directly on social or by emailing thecamillstore@gmail.com ! Just take a look at some of these treasures that are coming to The Camilla Store on June 30! Asami is going to be sharing more peeks at them as we get closer to release day, so make sure you follow @thecamillastore !

Don’t Miss New Art on Instagram


Instagram has announced it is changing the way we see art and photos. Instead of its current chronological feed presentation, IG intends to implement a similar algorithm to what Facebook uses, to show us posts it believes we want to see based on popularity and engagement levels.

Camilla loves Instagram, and posts many new artworks and wips to @camilladerrico . Don’t miss out on brand new artwork, wips & tips, special info & event announcements on Camilla’s instagram @camilladerrico ! Enable Post Notifications with the two simple steps above, and you won’t miss a beat. Add your voice to the call to keep instagram chronological by signing & sharing this petition here.

Art By Mab Graves
Art By Mab Graves