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Happy Valentines Day And Contest Winners



Happy Valentines Day from Camilla, Tasha (eStore & e-Mail Llama extraordinaire), Tanpopo and Kuro! Love is in the air, and Kuro has been wooed all week. All of the entries were excellent, and it was a tough decision.


Contest Winners


Kuro And Specters _WinnersNames1


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.22.54 AM


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.39.39 AM






Congrats to our winners across Social Media platforms! Your thoughts about love could bring a crimson tint to any little demon’s face. Drop us a line at info@camilladerrico.com with your shipping address to claim your prize. These Kuro and Specters are going to new homes, but more are up for adoption on The Camilla Store Here.

Anime Expo LA Recap

Hey Everyone,

We had such an awesome weekend at Anime Expo L.A. where we met so many friends!  It’s really great to meet Camilla’s fans and always so much fun to watch someone discover Camilla’s art for the very first time!

AnimeExpo 020

We couldn’t do it without help and we are so happy that Joanie, Diane and Sarah were able to hang out at our booth and help.  Thank you very much ladies!  Pictured here are Sarah, Nancy, Diane and Nancy and Joanie.

AnimeExpo 074 AnimeExpo 046

Things can get pretty crazy at conventions and we do sell out of merchandise – at about the same time that you run out of money so… we are happy to give you a 10% discount from the online store until next Friday, July 16.  Click here http://camilla.bigcartel.com/ and when you view your cart or are ready to check out use “ANIMEEXPO” as your discount code.  Thanks again to everyone who came out – you are the reason it was so much fun.

There are a lot more pictures to see at our Facebook Fan Page.  If  you find one of you, please tag yourself:  http://www.facebook.com/camilladerricoart#!/album.php?aid=194722&id=21947521602

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anime Expo L.A. this weekend

Hey Everyone,

YAY! We fly out Wednesday for a FAN-tabulous weekend in Los Angeles for Anime Expo LA.


For more information, check out  http://www.anime-expo.org/

It’s going to be crazy busy with 50,000+ fans going.  We want to make sure YOU get the items you really want.  The suitcases are almost full and there’s only so much we can bring.  Take a look at our store http://camilla.bigcartel.com/ and let us know what we can save just for you… like our new Last Gasp Postcards!


Email us at cderricostore@gmail.com with your wish list and we will save it for you until you can get to our booth # 753 whether it’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Please let us know by noon on Wednesday PST, at the latest.


We love it when friends help us so if you want to go to Anime Expo LA and wouldn’t mind helping us for a bit – we would love to GIVE you an Exhibitor Badge that will get you in the door for free.  Please write us at cderricostore@gmail.com and we’ll let you know if we can give you a pass to get inside.

This is our first time out to Anime Expo and we can’t wait to see all of you.  To help you find us, here is a map to our CORNER BOOTH # 753


Alright, that’s it for now… we can’t wait to see  you this weekend!! Four full days of ANIME – who needs sleep?

See  you there – CORNER BOOTH # 753 !


Specter Kuro has landed!

You’ve seen photos of him, the prototype was on display at San Diego Comic Con — he made his debut in Singapore at the Toy, Game and Comic Convention in August and now he is available for everyone!  Who? SPECTER KURO!

Specter is the first variant of the original Kuro, “Poodle” plush from Camilla d’Errico’s Tanpopo series. Straight from the pages of Tanpopo, Volume 2, Kuro makes another of his trickster transformations, changing into this stark white, inverse, screaming Kuro!  What’s more this little guy’s bark is actually worse than his bite!  This transformation has deadly consequences.  So how on Earth could he be sooooo cute?!?!  Well, because how else could a devil charm a little girl? Or anyone else for that matter? This is one trickster who plays his game very well, and as a plush he’s cute as cute can be.  Here he is:

Specter is available from the best toy and specialty retailers, or he is also available online at the Official Camilla d’Errico Store.  While you’re there, pick up your copy of Tanpopo Volume 2 so you can see how Specter actually comes to life, before taking another’s.  The imagery and storytelling are a true testament to Camilla’s unique artistic skill and ability to tell a compelling story. The second volume is inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, a haunting tale of adventure, remorse and cursed second chances.  Tanpopo and Kuro are creations of Camilla d’Errico’s imagination: her completely unique storytelling and  eye catching comic art style capture your attention and your heart. You won’t want to put this down, and you’ll be aching for the next volume!

So for now, while we all wait patiently for Tanpopo, Volume 3, we present you with a cute little white devil to hold you over, and of course to keep Kuro plush company! They are, in reality, one and the same, so they can’t be apart!  Just like Kuro, Specter is a limited edition character, standing 7″ tall, soft and screamingly cute!  Collect him, and original Kuro while you can!  This is one designer plush that is devilishly cute and moving fast.

Another Convention – Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend

My travels haven’t come to an end! My gallery opening on Friday was wonderful but little time to enjoy it because tomorrow I leave for Atlanta, for Anime Weekend Atlanta. This is my second year going in a row, and also the second year that the kind and generous organizers have me as special guest. In return, I’ve contributed a design that they’ll be using on their official convention ware, including t-shirts.


So what’s new for AWA? The official North American release of Specter Kuro! I launched Specter at the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Con. Just like the original, black Kuro, Specter is limited edition.  Come and get yours, Atlanta! I’m so happy to launch him there!!  He’ll be available soon online too.


Singapore Toy, Comic and Game Convention

Its time for an update! Since getting back from San Diego I’ve been madly, and I mean “like a madman” been drawing, painting, and preparing for the month ahead!  First of all I finished the inks for the second issue of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. I put so much detail into these pages I had to stop myself.  I pulled all-nighters, going to bed at 7 am only to be woken up by Fedex at 8:00 …

Sigh … but they were dropping off cool stuff, including more wallets and coin purses!!! Yes, that’s right! I’m bringing a bunch with me to Singapore for the convention.

I tell ya, this convention is going to rock! For the first time in my life I have a booth – a big one! 10 x 10 ft!  Woohoo! So I got to design some smokin’ walls for it, and my display is going to be a ton of fun, and somewhat like a canvas … I’m going to paint and draw all over my display stands during the convention :).

I also designed two new Tanpopo themed posters, since my entire theme is Tanpopo and its launch in Asia.  I’m also officially launching Specter Kuro! My little white devil from the second Tanpopo book!


I’ll have lots and lots of Tanpopo merchandise, including more of the Tanpopo clothing, Tanpopo Volume 1 and 2, and even promotional fans! I can’t wait to see them in person ^__^

And I have a cool cat booth neighbour too – Toysrevil! That’s right. I’m at the corner booth C14 and they are C16. Andy did a wicked interview with tons and tons of pics, so check it out and sign up because these guys totally know where its at when it comes to toys!  We’re really close to Walk of Fame and we’re going to be doing some live painting, I tell ya! Oh memories of Taipei ^_^

After the convention I’m off to Tokyo! Yay some vacation!  Hence (love using these old words!) I’ll be back at the end of August. Just in time to put the finishing touches on my paintings and prep for the Thinkspace Show!

I’ll try to update random pictures to Facebook, or send stuff to get posted around the ‘Net. Yup, I’ve got some help now! Woohoo! This means you’ll be seeing lots more pictures, content, stories, updates, etc. about all that I’m up to, will be up to and more.  So keep up with me because the rest of the summer and the rest of the year are going to be a fun filled ride!