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Camilla d’Errico in Dragatomi’s ‘Tales’ Exhibition


Dragatomi will be hosting a Fairy Tale themed group show


Dragatomi is Sacramento’s premier boutique and art gallery for some of the coolest designer figures and art inspired by pop and urban culture. They carry many rare and limited edition pieces from some of the top artists and companies.


Opening Saturday August 11 is Dragatomi’s ‘Tales’ Exhibition – A Fairytale themed group show featuring contemporary artists. Among the artists featured in the show are Camilla, Jason Limon, Frank Kozik, Jeremiah Ketner, Julie West, Jackie Gallagher and more!


Camilla will be in Dragatomi's Fables themed art exhibition!


For Dragatomi’s show, Camilla is contributing 2 original pages of inked lineart from her Eisner Award nominated Little Red Riding Hood comic, published in anthology.


Getting to see these uncolored, hand-drawn pages is an insight into Camilla’s comic-making process. Here’s a peek;


This is part of one of Camilla's Red Riding Hood pages


Be sure to check out Dragatomi.com , their show opens Aug 11 and runs until September 1st. If you have any questions about Tales, Camilla’s artwork in the exhibition, or any other of Dragatomi’s available artwork, drop them a line at sales@dragatomi.com

“Little Red Riding Hood” Nominated for an Eisner Award

As you may have already seen on Facebook or Twitter, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Bryan Talbot and Camilla d’Errico has been nominated for Best Short Story in the 2011 Eisner Awards! The story was included in ‘Fractured Fables’ – the 2010 Free Comic Book Day issue from Image Comics.

It is truly a great honor to be nominated for the most prestigious award in the comic book industry, and especially to be able to share the category with ‘Fractured Fables’ fellow creators. Check out the images below to see just a sample of the short story, now collected in a nice hardcover edition which can be purchased on Amazon, or better yet, a local comic book shop or independent bookstore.

fractured fables



For a full-list of the nominees, please visit the San Diego Comic-Con website. And again, thanks for all of your support!

Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday, May 1st is Free Comic Book Day!! We’ve all been waiting eagerly for this ever since Image announced the Fractured Fables Anthology FREE preview version being distributed for FCBD!! The anthology is full of top notch comic talent and I can say, loud and proud, that I’m in it!! Get your downloadable preview here.


To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, and to help raise money for a worthy cause, I’ll be at Elfsar Comics in Yaletown, Vancouver, this Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm. I’ll be signing, sketching and meeting fans.  Looking forward to some good fun! See you there!






Comics News, Previews and Sneak Peeks

Hi everyone!  I’m energized and excited (when am I not? lol). But this week has been full of news.  This time I want to share a bunch of comic related news.

First of all, Image Comics (Silverline) announced their Free Comic Book Day entry, and it is Fractured Fables.  The reason I’m so ecstatic is that I’m in it, I got to collaborate with Bryan Talbot on it, but even better is that our story leads off the 36-page comic!  And as if that weren’t enough, this is a preview of a bigger anthology that will come out later in the summer with an unreal list of big names contributing!  Read the announcement here.  And this is the first page of the story, Little Red Riding Hood.


And as if THAT weren’t enough … check out this trailer for the 2010 release of a new Grant Morrison Documentary http://www.grantmorrisonmovie.com/.

To end off this little blurb about comics, let me show you what I’m working on … the final issue of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Issue 5.  This is the cover, and also a few shots of the pages I’m working on now! Enjoy, enjoy, I’ve got a deadline to catch!