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Painting for L’Odissea Umana Exhibition Dorothy Circus Gallery

I’m sharing some sneak peeks at new original paintings I’m creating for my “L’Odissea Umana” exhibition at Dorothy Circus Gallery’s London location, November 19th. This collection is titled The Human Odyssey, and encapsulates many of my emotions and experiences felt this year.

Painting figures of different backgrounds is a way I want my artwork to share the message we are all beautiful. There will be grayscale figures too, with rainbows accentuating significant imagery.

Collectors interested in original artworks can contact info@dorothycircusgallery.uk for original inquiries. Stay tuned to my blog here and my social @ camilladerrico for more updates!


Conventions in the UK

Convention season officially started with Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, and it’s about to kick off in the United Kingdom too!

For the first time EVER, a selection of my art, comics and merchandise will be available at the conventions in the UK, starting with Memorabilia Show in Birmingham, March 26-27.

Anime Imports UK will be my exclusive convention distributor and will be doing the circuit.

We are all very excited to be able to finally bring our merchandise to the UK, to all the fans there!