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Octopodia Exhibition at Love Gallery Denver


Camilla join’s curator Scott Bailey’s “Octopodia” Exhibition of Pop Surreal and Lowbrow artworks at Denver’s Love Gallery March 7th.

Participating artists include:

Aunia Kahn, Brian Despain, Camilla d’Errico, Aaron White, Edith Lebeau, Emily J Moore,  Janelle W Anderson, Gordon Kirstin, Easthope, Leigh Viner, Markham Maes, Michael Beninghoven, Myah Bailey, Tracy Tomoko and more.

Camilla’s original painting The Dandelion Crown joins the Octopodia exhibition lineup. For original artwork purchase inquiries, please contact The Love Gallery at michael@lovegallery.com

Dandelion crown_ratio11

INLE Show @ Gallery 1988

INLE Flyer

Mark your calendars for the March 11th show at Gallery 1988 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. This is the INLE Show, curated by Greg Simkins, with over 100 fabulous artists interpreting the Black Rabbit of Watership Down.

Click here for the Facebook Event and follow Greg’s blog for all the latest info.

The show is going to be out of this world … and you already know what piece I’m doing 😉

Strychnin Ceramics – The Camilla d’Errico collection

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I shared photos that were taken during the opening of the Strychnin Gallery’s Mad Potter Tea Party in Berlin. I’ve got some good and proper photos now of each of my pieces! And remember – these are limited edition of 10 ONLY.

Pricing info:

10″plate = 120 euro

Teacup & Saucer = 120 euro
Teapot small = 150 euro

for purchase inquiries, please email the gallery.




New Moon Show Tonight in New York


Tonight if you’re in New York, stop by Myplasticheart for the New Moon Show, now in it’s third year!   Click the link for the FULL PREVIEW. My Chinese Zodiac sign for the show is The Tiger and my painting is called — CAT’S CRADLE:

Cat's Cradle, 18x14, 2011, Oils and Acrylics on Canvas

Dragon Con

I’ve barely had time to unpack from Fan Expo in Toronto and I’m already packing for Dragon Con in Atlanta!  I’ll post pics from Fan Expo really soon, probably just do a combined convention post-mortem next week.


So for anyone and everyone going to Dragon Con, this is where you’ll find me:

Table  BT12

Comics and Pop Artists Alley  in Grand Hall East of the Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel


(omg that’s right next to Hope Gallery Tattoo! Baroness, we are gonna have fuuuuun!)


And the hours are:

Friday 1PM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday 10AM-6PM
Monday 10AM-3PM


One thing about Fan Expo got me even more excited about Dragon Con – the Helmetgirls Cosplay Competition!  My original Helmetgirls from Toronto were there to show me their new cool helmets.  There will be more of you at Dragon Con, so come by my table to show me your Helmetgirls outfits!  Here’s one sweet gal who came to SDCC:

Helmetgirl SDCC


And of course I can’t let my debut at Dragon Con happen without bringing new merchandise! So get ready because I’ll be locked and loaded down with new stuff, like button packs, stickers, tattoos, clothing, and new prints!  And of course, I’ll have copies of Tanpopo #3 and a few of the GIANT BUDDHA Kuros for anyone who wants a whole lotta lovin’ to take home with them 😉

April Print of The Month

April 1st means that our print of the month changes! This month we’re bringing back an old favorite, though new and improved!

And like all special prints, this one is $25 for the entire month of April.  Get yours on the online store! And remember that any additional print purchased is only $1 extra shipping.


Frenemies is the print I’m referring to, and its improved because the image itself is bigger on the 18 x 12 heavy, satin card stock paper that these images are digitally printed on.  Check out all the prints available, and keep checking back each month for the special print releases.