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Camilla d’Errico & DRAVN in Heavy Metal Magazine#262



This month’s newest issue of Heavy Metal Magazine’s #262 is dedicated to a project Camilla has been a part of for several years – DRAVN. She was the original character concept artist and her story, Girl of Sorrows, teams her up with colorist Asuka 111 again.




DRAVN is a fantasy epic weaving history’s most influential good guys and bad guys into a legacy that is now in the hands of one young girl, Britney.


Pick up the issue of Heavy Metal magazine #262: here for 5 comic stories, character concept art and clues about what is coming next in this sprawling sci-fi fantasy!


We are all very excited to see this work finally released and published!
To keep up with the DRAVN action, you can Like their Facebook here or follow their gallery here.

Moonlight Art Magazine

The new Moonlight Art Magazine is now available for Free. You can download it from the Moonlight Art Magazine website. This is a special passion-project by Christopher Moonlight, who I met at SDCC a couple of years ago when he did a video interview.  I was happy to contribute to the magazine and to the cover. Enjoy!

Cover art by Camilla d’Errico.