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Treat yourself this February 1st

It’s time to show yourself some love this February with Camilla’s Spa Day Collection available on her brand new camilladerrico.com website on February 1st at 9amPST!
More details about the new site later but first- the new goodies!
I am so excited for this brand-new kimono! This is the first time one of my designs will be available in this fabric, which is so luxe, it seemed only right to use the image of my royal Spectrum Girl, Lady Purpura. There are only 50 of these, so don’t wait to get yours!
Relax and unwind with these vanilla scented bath salts, handmade by Camilla!
Each pack is $8.50 and good for two baths or one super soak!
I ADORE exchanging Valentine’s Day Card so I couldn’t resist making my own! These are my first ever greeting cards, and they come with their own envelopes. There are 4 in each @20 pack so you can spread the love around!
I’m excited to be bringing back love inspired necklaces just right for Valentines! These are handmade with love and care, and no two are alike! You can order one for yourself, or tow, or three, and never get a repeat! Available in silver and rose gold hearts and circles, as well as antique gold and silver keys for $35 each!!
There will also be 2 brand new prints launching on the new camilladerrico.com
The Beginning and The End, featuring a double headed snake, and Light as a Feather; Strong as a Stone, with a beautiful clack pegasus, will both be making their debut at 9amPST on February 1st! These ladies were a part of the Beinart Gallery Show: Myths & Monsters where I was able to deep dive into legends and myths from around the world! We’re so excited to be offering these to you for the first time!
I’m debuting a BRAND NEW version of my website! All of my content- including PRINTS & PRODUCTS- will be available on one site for the first time ever! It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of work, and I’m thrilled to debut it for the month of LOVE!
Starting February 1st The Print Shop will no longer be online, so if you’re hoping to get one of the currently available prints- do your shopping now! Some of the currently available prints will be heading to The Vault as new items make their debut!
This site is getting a brand new make over but that’s not the only reason to visit…. the Valentines release is coming to the revamped new site! New content and a new site all on the same day!! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!
There will be something for everyone to love this February 1st!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2022!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and are starting 2022 off with a bang!

It’s amazing to start a new year fresh! So I’m so excited to bring new art to you this new year!
NEW 2022 EXCLUSIVE!! Coming tomorrow at 9amPST to The Print Shop one of my favorite pieces from my Myths & Monsters show- “Of Fate & Fortune” featuring two beautiful golden dragons. My lucky dragons are here to usher in the new year and wish you all good fortunes!  This image will be available on both lasal and entrada paper in multiple sizes. So there will be an option for all spaces and budgets! This print is exclusive to 2022 and will only be available this year. Come the new year she’ll be gone for good!
My newest painting is debuting at Corey Helford Gallery January 8th! This adorable kitty is full of joy and imagination! If you’re interested in the original piece please email sheri@coreyhelfordgallery.com
AND to celebrate the New YEar and the bebut of “Melty Kitty” she’s hitting my Print Shop on the 8th as an $85 limited edition 12″x12″ unsigned print with special spot gloss added to the bow and drops- so she really comes to life! There will only be 150 printed, each with a certificate of authenticity, BUT once she’s gone SHE’S GONE and will never be made again!
Let’s make this new year one to remember.


Black Friday starts early this year! Wednesday November 24th at 9:00amPST I’m launching BRAND NEW products along with giveaways and sale items!

This is the BIGGEST sale of the year so don’t miss out on the fun savings and new goodies!

There are amazing NEW items on Etsy for you to love- stickers, pillows, and my FIRST EVER Black Friday mystery box!

What’s in the box? Over 10 items valued at $200 for only $135!! There are ONLY 165 boxes. This will include 2 brand NEW “Overworld” and “Underworld” 11”x14” signed and numbered prints, a 7” Medusa inverted sticker, and exclusive items that you can only get in this box!

And TWO lucky clients will recieve an original drawing (1 drawing each) of my pupper Loki as Cerberus FREE! A gift vauled at $300each!

Plus enjoy 15-30% off on both of my sites from Wednesday to Monday! Due to my recent tendonitis diagnosis this will be the last year I offer signed prints on demand at The Print Shop. Get yours while you can!
*some exclusions apply to The Print Shop*

Each order will receive an EXCLUSIVE digital print, and 2 coloring pages to download PLUS a free physical gift!

There is still so much more to see! Check out The Camilla Store socials on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all this week for more updates and close up looks at what’s to come!
Thank you all so much for your continued support of me and my art.

Myths & Mosters Update

Find these mythical paintings and drawings at the BeinArt Gallery available now.

My solo show, Myths & Monsters, may be over but there are still pieces available to call your own. I’ve always been fascinated by the culture of monsters and urban legends and the mythologies that people around the world believe to be real. Exploring some of my favourites and bringing my own spin to them has been such a dream project. I got see myself as a photographer catching these candid moments in the lives of these creatures.

I hope that you enjoy having one of these in your home as much as I enjoyed making them.

Timed Release Print Now Available Until May 31

Reflection Of The Fates is my newest Timed Release Limited Edition print. It’s available right now, right here! But only until May 31st at 9PM PST.  When orders close, the edition number will be set to the number of prints ordered during the release. Collect yours here before they’re gone on May 31st at 9PM PST.