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Camilla d’Errico Designer Toy Awards 2012 Nomination



Camilla’s No Ordinary Love Statue, a collaborative effort with Gentle Giant Studios and produced by Dark Horse Comics has been nominated for the Designer Toy Awards Outstanding Production piece of 2012!


The Designer Toy Awards, run through Clutter Magazine, recognize the best and brightest artists and contributions to the designer toy and art toy world. Held during the weekend of New York Comic Con in NYC, the DTA are a fabulously well attended and lively event bringing together artists and industry professinals from all over the world. It is an honour for Camilla’s first art statue adaptation from one of her paintings, No Ordinary Love, to be recognized at this level.




Last years’ winner for the designer toy awards Outstanding Production category was Tara McPherson’s art statue Lilitu. A marvellously crafted sculptural art piece in an edition of 200 pieces.



Tara McPherson’s Lilitu – Outstanding Production 2011


This year we will be asking for your support in helping vote for Camilla’s No Ordinary Love Statue, and show how your Love of Camilla’s artwork is anything but Ordinary! When voting opens in the summer time we will announce it here and on our newsletter here. Or visit the Designer Toy Awards site directly here.


Camilla’s recent nomination is joined by our d’Errico Studios MegaLlama helper Tasha Zimich, who has been nominated in the Designer Toy Awards for Breakthrough Artist! We remember Tasha cut her teeth on painting designer vinyl with painting some of Camilla’s DIY Vinyl Kuro Toys. Tasha has kept painting toys, and has since participated in exhibitions and artist series regularly. Here’s a quick look at how far Tasha has come along from 2011 to now. Keep it up Tasha!


Tasha Zimich – “Friendly Benjamin” – Late 2011


Thylo – Early 2013

Spectrum 18 Artist List

The Spectrum Fantastic Art 18 List has been announced!  This is the full list.  Last year, Camilla was in the highly touted book for the first time in her career, and three of her pieces have been chosen for Spectrum 18. While we won’t spoil the surprise, we do want to give a shout out to some other artists and friends we know and love, and congratulate them (and all the artists) on their nomination:


Bobby Chiu

Kei Acedera

Frank Cho

Matt Dangler

Brian Despain

Eric Fortune

David Mack

Jim Mahfood

Kent Williams

and MANY more …

Speaking of  Bobby Chiu, remember the Tanpopo Drawing Camilla donated to the “Artists Help Japan” fundraiser in Toronto organized by Imaginism Studios?  It sold for over $400, and the event itself raised $20,000.  A tip of the hat to the entire organization and all the artists. To see the art, a video of the event and  more details, check out their  blog.  This is the image of the auctioned art piece:  Tanpopo Tricks!