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Valentines Party At My Studio!

I’m so looking forward to Valentines Day this year! Since I renovated my studio and can have events there now, I’m going to open it up for a new release party February 10th for my local collectors in the Vancouver area! There will be new Bee themed scarves, prints, totes, Valentines cards and more goodies and treats! If you’re in the Vancouver BC area and would like an invite for my 11am or 5pm Feb 10th event just email info@camilladerrico.com !  Here’s some photos of how I decorated it last year for love-day. My inner interior decorator had a blast!

If you can’t make it to Vancouver, fear not! I have more fun themed goodies coming to Etsy Feb 3rd starting at 9am PST. My First Dibs collectors got to pick out their favorites vintage plates and original artwork before release. So if you want to get First Dibs on release goodies and Patron-Exclusive treasures, like this Kitty Berry Kiss Kiss plate, you can pledge for the reward on my Patreon Here!


Happy Valentines from Camilla and Loki!

Camilla hopes you had a lovely Valentines day, and shared this sweet Valentine e-Card of Loki! Camilla loves to celebrate special events, and decorated her new studio for the occasion. Events & Studio Tours of Camilla’s Downtown Vancouver (BC, Canada) studio will be opening to the public this spring. Would you like to join in? Email info@camilladerrico.com to request an invite.

Clearly DCxCD Release Wrap Up


Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s DCxCD Camilla d’Errico x Derek Cardigan collection release party at Clearly.ca’s Robson St. Storefront location! An amazing time was had by all; friends, fans, family and team members all received such warm hospitality at Clearly’s location for the event.



Many in attendance got to view the new collection in person for the first time, try them on and find their perfect pairs.

2016-03-22_camilla-d'errico_5dmk2_0011 2016-03-22_camilla-d'errico_5dmk2_0063 2016-03-22_camilla-d'errico_5dmk2_0159

Camilla & Derek Cardigan’s limited edition collection pieces are available now in sunglasses or prescription frames, and ready for you to find your perfect pair here.

NeoGlassesModelPhoto1bsm waterwheel sunglasses sm2

Stay tuned to Camilla’s newsletter by subscribing here, and blog for upcoming events and special info. Use instagram? Enable notifications for @camilladerrico posts and never miss a beat!



Camilla’s Holiday Studio Party



Camilla and Imaginary Games artists Megan Majewski and Elin Jonsson will be hosting a Holiday Get-Together and art sale Saturday Dec 15 in Vancover! Imaginary Games and d’Errico Studios will have a gallery space set up and decorated for the holidays decorated with original artwork, prints for sale, books, apparel and merchandise.


Find a print of Hello My KittyLand at Camilla’s Holiday Sale!


Pony prints will also be available on-site!

A handful of puzzles will be at the party!

Grab a 2013 Agenda early


The studio event and art sale will take place Saturday Dec15 starting at 12pm running into the afternoon, at 730 Richards Street between Robson and Georgia Streets.
If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to our helper Tasha at info@camilladerrico.com and if there’s a special print or item you’d like to check if we can bring, drop Tasha a line at info@camilladerrico.com

A Special Party for Collectors and “Superfans”

Things have been crazy out here in Vancouver – and we’re not just talking about the weather. We’re talking about Christmas, art, games, and a little party to celebrate the holidays with friends.

This year we opted for a more intimate get-together where collectors, superfans and VIPs have been invited to join Camilla in her new studio for an evening of drinks, treats and the chance to pick up some special, limited and one of a kind merchandise.

A new limited edition print of ‘Resurrected Bone Collective’ has been made just for this occasion. It’s a fine art printed, signed, numbered in an edition of 25, and the size is 29″ x 13.25″.

There will also be some one of a kind apparel, printed especially for the party, as well as some new merchandise from France, including magnets and a very limited number of 2012 agendas.

For those who have been asking about them, we will also have some of the Kuro vinyls.

We know so many people who love to come out to the live events, and we can’t fit everyone in, unfortunately – so we want to offer 5 people the chance to come to the VIP party!

The party will take place Friday, December 16th at 8 pm.  Details of location, etc. will be in the RVSP invite/confirmation.  If you’d like to attend, we are going to choose 5 people randomly (raffle style) who email an RSVP to info@camilladerrico.com by the end of tomorrow.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Final Announcements

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con 2011, come by Booth #4723 and meet Camilla d’Errico! We’re right across from the vinyl toy section, so it should be easy to find us. ^_^


(Click map for larger view.)

Below is a rather busy schedule for all of Camilla’s appearances at the convention, as well as when she will be in the booth working on customizing the new Kuro vinyl figures and signing copies of her books. Make sure to note the various places where there will be live art demonstrations and the special ‘Tanpopo’ announcement at the MTV Geek panel!

Wednesday, July 20th:

In-Booth #4723  – 6:00pm to 9:00pm (Preview Night)

Thursday, July 21st:

In-Booth #4723 – 9:00am to 11:00am

Holbein Appearance [Live Painting] – Noon to 1:30pm (Booth #5104)

In-Booth #4723 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Image Comics & Threadless Welcome Party – 8:00pm to 11:00pm (Westgate Hotel, $10 donation)

Friday, July 22nd:

In-Booth #4723 – 10:00am to Noon

Sketch Theater Appearance [Live Drawing] – 2:00pm to 3:00pm (Booth #4712)

In-Booth #4723 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Eisner Awards [Nominated for ‘Fractured Fables’] – 8:30pm to 11:00pm (Hilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom)

Saturday, July 23rd:

In-Booth #4723 – 9:00am to 11:00am

MTV Geek Panel [Special ‘Tanpopo’ Announcement] – 11:00am to Noon (Room 7AB)

CBLDF Masters Session [Live Drawing] – 1:00pm to 2:00pm (Room 30CDE)

In-Booth #4723 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm

CBLDF Auction [Original Art Bidding] – 7:30pm to 9:00pm (Hilton Bayfront, KL Sapphire Room)

Sunday, July 24th:

In-Booth #4723 – 9:00am to 11:00am

Color Ink Book Appearance [Cover Signing] – 11:00am to Noon (Booth #5569)

In-Booth #4723 – 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Since there has been an onslaught of news this week, here’s a highlight of all the different projects, products, and news happening around SDCC. There’s a lot to cover! Click on any of the links to learn more details about each individual item.

Camilla d’Errico is Nominated for a 2011 Eisner Award – From Image Comics’ ‘Fractured Fables’ collection that was originally part of the 2010 Free Comic Book Day, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Bryan Talbot and Camilla d’Errico has been nominated for Best Short Story in the 2011 Eisner Awards.

Collectable Kuro Vinyl Figures – There are three versions that will be available, including a standard black, a blueberry glow-in-the-dark SDCC exclusive, and a DIY model than Camilla will customize. Prices range from $25 to $50 for the figures.


Limited Edition Original Sketches – Only fifteen sketches will be available this year, and prices start at $100 for single character drawings, as seen in the photo below. Email cderricostore [at] gmail [dot] com to pre-order your sketch, which can be picked up at Booth #4723.


Original Art for TFAW’s CBLDF Auction – Camilla has created two original sketches, seen below, of Catwoman from DC Comics’ ‘Batman’ series, and Phoenix and Cyclops from Marvel Comics’ ‘X-Men’ series. Those pieces, in addition to any pieces created during Camilla’s Masters Session on Saturday afternoon, will be auctioned off on Saturday night at the Hilton Bayfront. Those unable to attend SDCC can bid on the pieces via email, more details here. In addition, 500 collectable sketch-cards featuring the original art below will be available at Booth #4723.



2011 SDCC Color Ink Book – Carrying in the tradition of artists like Ron English, Alex Pardee, Joe Ledbetter and several other incredibly talented people, Camilla has created the cover image to Color Ink Book’s latest DIY art volume. Included in the collection will be at least twelve, classic pieces by Camilla d’Errico that can be colored. The book will not be on-sale until August, so those who get copies at SDCC will have special, advance versions.


Alternative Cover to Grant Morrison Documentary ‘Talking with Gods’ – At the request of director Patrick Meaney, Camilla has created a special, alternative cover to the Grant Morrison documentary ‘Talking with Gods’ that will be available at the Halo-8 booth (M-03 in the small press area). Fans made remember that Grant Morrison has plans to work with Camilla on a title called ‘The New Bible’ that has yet to be given a release date.


The ‘Womanthology’ Collection – Although the book from IDW will not be published for a few more months, several contributors will be attending SDCC, and no doubt people will be talking about the successful funding of the all-female anthology, profits of which will be donated to charity.

New T-Shirts, Handbags, & Products – Following the conclusion of SDCC, Camilla d’Errico will have a brand-new online store that will feature new shirts, bags, prints, and other products. Some of these items will be available at Booth #4723, and can be purchased before the general public.

Sold-Out First Editions of the ‘Femina & Fauna’ Art Book – Dark Horse Comics has sold-out of the first printing of ‘Femina & Fauna’ and second printing editions will not be available for a while, however, we will have a very select number of the books for sale that Camilla can sign.

As you can see there’s a lot going on, but all of the projects are very exciting! We hope to see you at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and be sure to follow all of the events on Facebook and Twitter as we’ll be updating fans with photos and news from the convention!

Stranger Factory’s Grand Opening + JapanLA’s Kittens & Ice Cream

There are two excellent art shows happening this weekend in the American West! First, fellow artist, and all-around amazing woman, Kathie Olivas is opening her store Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday, June 3rd at 6:00pm. (Just a few weeks ago, Tara McPherson opened her own shop in Brooklyn too, click here to see those pictures!)

You can RSVP to Stranger Factory’s Grand Opening on Facebook if you’re in the area and want to attend. And why wouldn’t you? It’s awesome. Plus, Camilla’s piece “The Fated Binding” will be on display as part of the Vintage Modern Narrative exhibit! Vinyl Goddess, Spanky Stokes, and Vinyl Pulse all have more information on the store, and here are some pictures, in case you can’t attend:




Next up, JapanLA is celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary Party with a Kittens & Cream exhibit in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, June 4th at 7:00pm. You can RSVP on Facebook for the event as well. Remember when we teased Camilla’s piece in the show last week? Click here, if you didn’t get a chance to see the work-in-progress.

There are so many adorable pieces of art at the JapanLA show, here are some pictures, in case you can’t attend:


“Cherry Jubilee” is finished!


Dan May’s work is seriously amazing. Stunned.


Melissa Contreras makes watercolors so expressive!


This cat by Lactose Intoler-Art is the raddest cat.


Maria Ewing’s cats want you to come play with them, forever and ever, and ever . . .

Hope you like seeing other artists on the blog, it’s so great to be a part of such a fun and talented community! Don’t forget, there’s a contest running until Friday, June 3rd on the blog – click here to see how to enter. It’s easy, and you can win a free art print, plus there’s a sneak-peek of a new Helmetgirls image!


Loaded up as many pics as I could find – thanks to everyone who sent them to me! – and the whole set is on my Flickr page (caution naked bodies … mature content!), and you can see lots more on this super sweet user’s photobucket. All I will say is that it was an intense, insane, off the hook weekend with crazy boys Dave Mack, Jim Mahfood, Ben Templesmith, and so many more and organized by the lovely Molly McIsaac.  I won’t bore with commentary, the pictures say it all …

at the booth with MTV Geek!
at the booth with MTV Geek!
spontaneous Helmetgirl sketch @ Dark Horse
spontaneous Helmetgirl sketch @ Dark Horse
painting at the noc noc
painting at the noc noc

more painting at the noc noc ... and the walls!
more painting at the noc noc ... and the walls!
from the canvas to the wall to the naked bodies
from the canvas to the wall to the naked bodies

finished live art painting
finished live art painting

Party Pics & Thank You

Hi everyone, here are the photos from last Friday’s release party.  Thanks to Lois for being such an awesome photographer!

For anyone in Vancouver, there are still a few prints and a couple of pillows and Tanpopo books left over. We estimated about 500 people came in during the night!

Zebramilk original painting is sold and I’ve heard voices that there are offers on the two large canvases.  Nothing definite, so if anyone is interested in those originals pls email the gallery:  info@aydengallery.com.



There are a ton of photos and you can see them all here!  There are photos of all the merchandise, the paintings, the canvases, the prints, the shirts, and all the people! Thanks to everyone who came out, and who supported me. It was a truly fun event and I can’t wait to repeat next year!