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Dr. Sketchy’s Photos Up!

Hello again and back with some great news! Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver has posted photos of the Art Star show from last Sunday, January 16th! That whole day was a total blast and the models were stunning and the organization impeccable!

The entire set of photos is up on their Flickr plus Facebook, and the matinee pics.  The main branch of Dr. Sketchy also posted some good photos.  Go check them out!!


Some Post Party Pics

Hi!  Hope you all had a cool weekend!  I’m now officially “over” the weekend after the big release party.  It was such a great party … so I’ve heard!  I was head down, customizing tshirts and signing for 5 hours!! Every time I looked up all I could see were people around me and I could hear pumping music. I’ve heard back from a few of you already and everyone seemed very happy. Some of you even drove up from the US!! I’m so floored and thankful for being supported by so many wonderful people. We estimate over 500 people came to the event 0.0 !!! 😀


I’m still waiting on the pics from the photographers, but here are a few from friends and fans, including a video of me customizing a tshirt. Enjoy and I’ll post more pics soon (also to the Flickr account).


customizing tees

customizing tee close up

ayden full

Ayden party

Youtube Video: