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Junebug Release is Coming Soon June 16

It’s almost here! I’ve been painting up a whole swarm of new fuzzbutt bees, Junebug release inspired toys, and making brand new embellished prints and goodies for this weekend! Check out what else is coming to Etsy June 16 at 9AM PST.

I’ve created original artworks in ink, graphite and new petite paintings for release on June 16 at 9AM PST! My original artworks often sell out within minutes, so be sure to set your alarms for right at release time. My First Dibs patrons on Patreon scooped some favorites already, so if you want the first chance to collect my new petite originals, you can sign up for First Dibs here.

I’ve hand-embellished new limited edition prints of my galaxy bee, “Nebula”! These 5×7″ sized signed & numbered prints made on fine at paper are releasing on Etsy June 16, at 9AM PST. There will be a very few AP prints (since First Dibs patrons had a crack at them!) so be sure to check Etsy here at release time!

New purses and cosmetic bags are coming to Etsy! These bee-utiful bags are sure to brighten up your wardrobe and be super handy while they do it! I only have a limited amount of each bag though, so if you see one you fall in love with, don’t miss out! They release June 16 at 9AM PST here.

More mugs! I’ve got more fun and fuzzy bee mugs coming to Etsy, along with some other designs too! They make awesome gifts, or you can always treat ‘yo self! They’ll go live on Etsy June 16th starting 9am.


Check out these awesome new Queenie hard enamel pins! This is a limited edition glitter colorway, they’re so sparkly! They’ll release June 16 at 9am PST, but the edition is limited and won’t be made this same glitter colorway again, so don’t miss out!

And I’ve got other fun goodies coming to Etsy too! Check out these new 4×6″ fuzzy bee prints, fans and pillows! The pillows even have removable covers so you can wash them and keep them nice and fresh. Only a handful of pillows will release on Etsy this Saturday the 16th though, so check right at release time 9am before they disappear!

When you order this weekend during my June 16 release, you’ll get new bonus release themed stickers with orders! USA recipients will also get Bentley wildflower seeds to help bees in your areas. Every little bit helps, and together we can do our part to conserve our local bees! I’ll also be giving bonus sketched on postcards to some lucky orders, and one extra lucky order will receive an original graphite drawing! Keep an eye out for release on June 16th at 9am PST on Etsy here! 


It’s Almost Caturday! New Release Aug 19

I have a special surprise for you! After CatCon last weekend, I thought to share the cute kitty goodness and add Caturday to the calendar for a special release! On August 19th at 7pm PST, I’m releasing a bunch of Cat themed goodies including original artwork, signed prints, hand-made goodies like a cat jacket and pillows, and more on Etsy Here.

Isn’t this jacket just dashing on Marlow kitty here? It’s hand-made and one of only a very few pieces created right here in the Vancouver Canada area. And now it’s coming to Etsy! But there’s only 1, so if your kitty needs some wearable art, snap it up right at release time at 7pm PST on Etsy Here.

Pillows!!! Look at these amazing Handicat shaped pillows! A very limited quantity are coming to Etsy for Caturday on August 19 at 7pm PST. Each one is hand-made in Vancouver Canada, so you know they’re made with extra love, and you’ll love having one to squish!

I’m releasing hand-signed prints for Caturday! There will be lots of lovely kitty themed images, so you can pick your favorites when they release Aug 19 at 7pm PST here.

How’s your pin game? It’s going to be even stronger with these lovely Handicat hard enamel pins! Some are coming to Etsy here on Aug 19 at 7PM PST. More Hard Enamel pins are joining in the fun for release day too! Now you’ll be able to get Rainbuns and Tuttleina hard enamel pins. And a very few of my SDCC Exclusive release “Girl Interrupted” pins are going on Etsy at 7pm PST on Aug 19. Once this edition sells out this colorway won’t be made again, so don’t sleep on it!

Good news art fans! My newest artbook Femina & Fauna 2nd Edition is coming to Etsy in time for Caturday August 19th at 7pm PST! This is a new and updated edition of my sold out artbook Femina & Fauna. I added lots of new artwork, a new forward by Simone Legno creator of tokidoki, and a new chapter showing how I made my Aria painting!

Say hello to these Handicat clutch purses! Each one is double-sided and machine washable (just unclip the strap and it’s good to wash!) and totally awesome. I use them for pencil cases or travel pouches too!

I’ve got more exciting plans for Caturday too, so check Etsy here at 7PM PST for more original graphite drawings like these. Each one is one-of-a-kind, and original artworks usually find new homes quickly, so check as close to 7PM as you can and good luck!

Now you’ll be able to get Hello My Neighbor stickers on Etsy here starting Aug 19 at 7PM PST! These 4″ stickers are super for putting on your laptop case, sketchbook, and they’re even weatherproof and can go on your car!

Some goodies are coming back into stock on Etsy during my Caturday release too! If you missed out on Lemon Drop signed 8×10 prints, coasters, Bumblebee sticker sheets or lovemelon stickers then you’ll have another chance on Aug 19 at 7pm PST!

Pillows! Big, Fluffy, Beautiful Pillows!

Hello, hello!  It’s Wednesday and that means only 3 days until the big parteeeee >_^


Today I will be showing and telling about the home decor part of the release party!  These are the first sets of limited edition pillows from the UK company, Click-For-Art and they will be available at Ayden Gallery for the party — the ONLY place where you can get these in person in Canada.  Myplasticheart just got some in stock – they are New York based.

click for art pillows

Click-for-Art has these in two sizes: 15.75 inch pillows and GIANT 40 inch floor pillows!  So if you want the giant pillows, you can buy them from their online site.  Shipping isn’t even that much – they’ve done some magic with the shipping rates, as low as $10 for the small pillows.


But pillows aren’t the only interior decor item we’ve got at the party.  What about Buddha?! I’m so not kidding.  Buddha is a pillow, a guard dog, a decor object and a collectible.  So why not make him part of your home decor?  Look … you can even dress him up >_^


Santa Buddha Kuro


There are two brand new exciting products from the Click-for-Art world that I want to tell you about … mini-bags and eye masks!  Mini-bags are $29 and eye-masks are $14.  This lovely gal is Unwavering Hearts.  These have JUST been released!




And how can I forget that the limited editions don’t end at just pillows?  They’ve also made some gorgeous canvases of all 3 images – No Ordinary Love (portrait), Yuuta (landscape), Innocent Eve (square crop).

Pillow_Canvas Photo


My udpate for today is done! If you’re coming to the party, you can pick up a pillow for yourself! If you can’t then you can still get it shipped quickly and cheaply from the manufacturer – Click-for-Art.  So many cool products and I’m excited to share them all with you!  <3 Camilla

It’s Party Time!



There’s only 1 week left until my big release party!  There’s all kinds of stuff going on, so let me give you the rundown.  Then stay tuned next week for specific details, sneak peeks, and exclusive offers that are all tied into the party!


As you know, the party will be at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver. I’m proud to present my latest painting ZEBRAMILK for the party.  I began this painting at Anime Evolution, when I held a live painting class.  The video is on Youtube, so you can see how it all started.  Email the gallery if you’re interested in purchasing the painting.


There will also be LIMITED EDITION FINE ART PRINTS of Zebramilk.  This is the second in my series of fine art prints and a special size and run.

Edition of 50
Price $75.00
Paper size 13 x 24.25
Image size 11 x 22.25
Printed on Verona fine art smooth paper with archival inks
Signed and numbered right on the print
Comes with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity


Zebra Milk
Zebramilk - 30x15 - oils on wood panel - framed


Zebra Milk Fine Art Print, 13x24, edition of 50

Along with the painting and the prints there will be all kinds of awesome goodies, and I’ll reveal and release those throughout the week, with details about pricing, etc.  We’re still working on a couple of last minute surprises too!


One thing that will be super fun is the interactive part of the party!  I will be customizing blank t-shirts!  I’m capping this at 20 only otherwise I won’t be able to have fun with everyone >_^.  The price for the custom tees is $50 and you can watch me while I go nuts on the shirts!


Ayden Gallery is a big space with lots of walls and I’m planning on filling as much of them as I can!  How?  Stay tuned … and have a wonderful weekend! Camilla


Ayden Gallery

88 West Pender Street
#2103 2nd Floor
International Village(Tinseltown)
Vancouver, BC
+778 891 4310



The Most Beautiful Pillows EVER

Hi again!  I told you – this month is going to be insane – and it’s only the 15th!!  Today I’m going to make you drool with the new merchandise you will LOVE  >_^.  Check out the amazing PILLOWS and CANVASES available at Click-for-Art.

Pillow_Canvas Photo

Click-for-Art is a UK based company but don’t fret, they ship all over the world. Every single item is limited edition of 250 to make the items even more exclusive. The best part about them is the quality.  So check out the Click-for-Art site. You may get lost for hours amongst all the beautiful canvases, pillows, mini-bags, cups and saucers … have fun!

click for art pillowsThe pillows you see there are Innocent Eve (with matching square, cropped canvas), No Ordinary Love (with matching portrait canvas) and Yuuta (with matching landscape canvas).

I can’t wait to get mine!!  See them all here.