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Mademoiselle Gatto Limited Edition Prints with 1xRun

Mademoiselle Gatto

Camilla’s painting image “Mademoiselle Gatto” drops as a limited edition fine art print through 1xRun starting tomorrow, March 3rd. These 16×20″ fine art prints are made on heavy 300gsm Entrada Rag paper with archival inks, and come signed & numbered with a certificate of authenticity in an edition of 50pcs only.

, 2/5/15, 2:36 PM,  8C, 7718x8906 (756+2289), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/15 s, R71.2, G45.2, B61.6

Mademoiselle Gatto is the first figure Camilla has depicted with a physical disability, in this case, blindness. The inspiration came from Camilla’s reflection on the animals in her life, and the bond of companionship we may have with our pets.



Be ready for release on 1xRun’s website March 3rd here. A handful of prints are available to order combined with hand-signed Rainbow Children: The Art of Camilla d’Errico Vol 3 artbooks. Perfect for fans who are not able to make a trip to one of Camilla’s live events, these artbooks are hand-signed and ready for your collection. Collect yours here while available.



The Making Of The Melting Mind

Melting Mind print 2

On Friday May 16th, The Melting Mind launches as a 48hr Timed Release fine art print. This painting has a special significance to Camilla, and while she doesn’t want to play favourites- this one just can’t be helped.

Camilla has some photos to share of her process creating The Melting mind, from start to finish.

The painting begins with a wood panel, sanded and sketched with an outline of the figure. Some paint is applied as guidelines,


Layers go into the figure in the shaded areas, and the lightened areas.




Many thin layers are built up


Solid colours are added with Holbein acryla gouache



The layers of gouache may look improvisational, but work to a purposeful creative plan. Lights and darks alternate, creating radiating waves of colour.



Delicate layers of colour tint areas in the figure, creating soft blush and shadow.


The background is sometimes painted in the later stages.


And voila!

Melting Mind _SM2

You can add The Melting Mind to your collection starting May 16th at 9AM PST here on Camilla’s eStore.