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New Mask Pre-Order Dec. 12 – Dec. 30th

New Masks Pre-Order announcement. 8 new mask designs coming in 2021 and the pre-orders are available on Etsy from Dec. 12th until Dec 30th ONLY. There will be 4 seamless and 4 center-seamed style masks. So now you’ll be able to have a different mask for every day of the week and we can all do our part to stay safe.

The special mask Pre-Order starts December 12th at 9am PST on my Etsy Shop and will run until December 30th at 9pm PST. And as a bonus: with the pre-order comes special pricing.

A Single mask – $10.99

4 Packs containing 4 masks, 1 of each design in one style (either seamed or seamless) – $40

4 pack of seamed masks
4 pack of seamless masks

8 Packs containing one of each mask design – $72. The 8 pack will ONLY available during the pre-order. The 8 pack will also come with a BONUS postcard. (The images will vary) And one lucky 8 pack order will receive a signed postcard as an extra special gift.

8 pack contains all designs

Here are the new designs coming your way.

“Cavern” seamed design
“Yuuta” seamed design

All the masks are a one-size-fits-most. Machine washable.

“Bonnie” seamless design
“Harmonie” seamless design

They DON’T have a filter and they are NOT medical grade – so be aware of that.

“The Dream Melt” seamed design

But they have two layers of fabric – nice and thick to keep you and others safe while looking stylish.

“Lovebug” seamless design

The seamless masks are stretchy and soft.

“Polina” seamed design

The center-seamed masks have a stiffer material and adjustable straps.

“Inverse Bumble” seamless design

Let’s all do our part to stay safe and prevent the spread.

Limited Print with Laminate Most Wanted


Sweet Forgotten Things Limited Giclee print with Laminate Media


Camilla d’Errico is excited to be featured in the upcoming edition of Laminate Most Wanted Artist Print Edition! Laminate Media shines a spotlight on some of the hottest international contemporary artists, published into a collected edition both on paper and as digital media.


Your pr-order of a copy of Laminate Most Wanted comes with a limited edition giclee print of Sweet Forgotten Things! The limited edition will be closed on January 26, closing and setting the edition number.
This Giclee is a standard UK A3 size, measuring approximately 16.5″x11.6″
You can choose a digital or print edition copy with your gift print Here


For very special collections, Camilla’s special edition giclee print joins Laminate’s Most Wanted Chronicles Vol1 set including artists FAILE, Ron English, Buff Monster, Kris Kuksi and more. Only 300 box sets will be made internationally, to ship in March, you can find them here.


Box Art not final and may change.