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No Ordinary Love Statue Releases Internationally

Camilla's Fine Art Statue based on her painting No Ordinary Love


Camilla’s No Ordinary Love Fine Art Statue, a collaboration with Darkhorse Comics and the highly acclaimed Gentle Giant Studios, is now internationally available!


The No Ordinary Love Statue stands 8″ tall, meticulously hand-painted to perfection in an edition of 950 pieces worldwide.


Camilla’s first bold step into 3D Art creation has been a new and exciting challenge. “As my first statue, and first 3-D render of one of my paintings, it was all a series of firsts for me. I spent a great deal of time going over the details to get the right look. With a series of still images of the 3-D model I was able to visualize so much more of the girl than I had even conceived. Now I had to think about what the back of her dress looked like, what her hair shaped into…it was really neat to imagine her in 3-D space. I’ve never had that before with my paintings.”


Camilla discusses more about the Statue release in her new interview with Darkhorse Here


Camilla's Statue takes on No Ordinary Love 'In the round' as 3D art!


Each statue comes numbered with a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity.


Where can I get one?


Camilla’s No Ordinary Love art statues are available direct from Camilla’s eStore Here. Every order through Camilla’s eStore directly supports her artmaking, and she appreciates every one!


The statue may also be ordered through most Comic Book Shops and Hobby shops internationally; Ask your local shop to order through Previews Diamond Direct today.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about Camilla’s Fine Art Statue, please drop us a line at store@camilladerrico.com

Interviews & Contests

This week was a flurry of activity online!  In case you missed any of it, here is a list of the interviews that were published AND the new Dark Horse contest to win a Femina & Fauna Prize Package!


Suicide Girls Interview

LA Weekly Interview

Sarah Louise Interview


Dark Horse Contest (until Tuesday March 2nd)

Win a prize pack of a Femina & Fauna book, a hot pink sexy scarf, a journal and stationery set.  All you have to do is tell us which of my paintings you relate to the most and why – but don’t forget to put your FB or Twitter ID so we can get in touch with you!

Fashion, Comics and Loves (List)

There’s been tons going on and I wanted to share a few links with you!


The first is from Septagon Studios – a Canadian Comic Company. They wrote a wonderful article about me that has apparently become one of their most read on the blog!  Check it out here.


Then my friend The Baroness has just launched a new website called The Loves List!  It’s a fresh and fun new take on interviews, and she’s out to discover what we love, beyond our day jobs as artists!  What do I love? Cooking! Check it out here.


And the Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver was a big hit – and the eco fashion is looking hotter than ever!  One of the local designers, Nixxi, had a few of my designs front and center on her new SS11 range.  Check out some of the photos and write-ups here and you can see more pics on the FB page.  These, along with a kid’s range, will be available in 2011.


Back I go to the painting! Gotta get this bad boy done before leaving for New York!

The d’Errico Code Videos, Interviews, Press & Love

I feel really blessed to have so many people around me who support me and push me to make beautiful art every day.  The solo show in Rome was the grand finale of months of hard work, and I shared links and snippets in Facebook ’cause its so easy, I thought I should put it all together in one post.  I hope you can all read Italian, because a lot of the press and interviews were done in Italy!

First, even though it’s actually the last thing to come out, here’s a video of the opening night taken by a really sweet guy at the gallery.  You can see the actual Youtube video here (and he does lots of videos of openings, so check them out!).  You can even hear me speaking italian ^_^

Where do I start?! I have to say, Italians are so poetic in their writing and the way they consider art. I had some really deep and meaningful questions to answer, and I loved it!

If you can or want to read Italian, these are some of the interviews that came out: Espoarte, one of Italy’s contemporary art magazines, interviewed me for their June/July edition.  The Arterotica interview was one of the most in depth ones, so don’t be fooled by the name! There’s one more amazing interview by Giorgia, who is a reporter for another big contemporary art magazine, Insideart.  This is the article that she published both on the site and that came out in a regular magazine/newspaper, “Il Domani”.

I also got some press love from Dragolab (really cool guys to boot, ao’!).  A couple of comics related sites also posted about the show. This one is Mangaforever.net, which is Italy’s biggest – happy me!  There were many other art sites that posted but too many to list, even the Canadian Consulate in Italy put it on their site ^_^.  A must-read is my friend, and author Andrea Grieco’s interview on Alphabetcity (he also wrote the lovely intro to the “Codice d’Errico” show catalog/art book).

Finally, and this is really special, is the pdf of the “Manifesto” that David Diavu Vecchiato wrote and that is included in the “Codice d’Errico” show catalog/art book in the text section. David is curating the year-long Urban Superstar Show in Naples, Italy, and is a comic book artist too!

A big thank you also to all the sites and friends who posted about my show out in the US and Canada! Thanks to Sourharvest, Spankystokes, DailyduJour, ArrestedMotion, Artsprojekt, Juxtapox, Hi Fructose and even Urban Art in the UK!

Last but not least, I will have (only) 25 copies of the catalog/art book of Il Codice d’Errico that I will be selling for $45 (plus applicable shipping). I’m going to sign each book, which is a hardcover book with about 50 pages of images, interviews and other text.  Anyone who wants one of the books should write to cderricostore@gmail.com to get on the pre-order list.  The gallery has printed many more copies and are distributing them throughout Italy and Europe, but these are the only ones I personally have and will sign/sell myself, just for you ’cause I <3 love you all!

Codice d'Errico Art Books

More Press About the Clothing

Hey everyone. So far Hong Kong has been an amazing trip and I still haven’t managed to sift through the visual stimuli and wrap my head around the opportunities!  I think Asia is going to be seeing a lot more of me ^_^.

While out here though I wanted to share with you another awesome press post that was made about the new winter clothing line.  One of the top clothing blogs on the Internet, called iloveyourtshirt, just posted about the clothing!!  If you don’t know the blog, you should have a read through it; they always feature some sweet finds.  Just around New Year’s another clothing blog posted too, this one is called the t-shirtmagazineonline! Check out the post here.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!