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Wednesday Sketch – Unreleased Tanpopo Project

Another sketch for another Wednesday! Hope you’ve been enjoying them!

This week’s sneak-peek is from a yet-to-be-released ‘Tanpopo’ project, details of which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.


Simply click on the image if you would like to see a larger version of the sketch above, and of course feel free to share the image with friends. Don’t forget about the special Print-A-Poolza Sale! The last of the 12 x 18 art prints are now selling-out at only $20 a piece, and it’d be a shame if everyone didn’t get a chance to order one that wanted to do so.

Comics News, Previews and Sneak Peeks

Hi everyone!  I’m energized and excited (when am I not? lol). But this week has been full of news.  This time I want to share a bunch of comic related news.

First of all, Image Comics (Silverline) announced their Free Comic Book Day entry, and it is Fractured Fables.  The reason I’m so ecstatic is that I’m in it, I got to collaborate with Bryan Talbot on it, but even better is that our story leads off the 36-page comic!  And as if that weren’t enough, this is a preview of a bigger anthology that will come out later in the summer with an unreal list of big names contributing!  Read the announcement here.  And this is the first page of the story, Little Red Riding Hood.


And as if THAT weren’t enough … check out this trailer for the 2010 release of a new Grant Morrison Documentary http://www.grantmorrisonmovie.com/.

To end off this little blurb about comics, let me show you what I’m working on … the final issue of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Issue 5.  This is the cover, and also a few shots of the pages I’m working on now! Enjoy, enjoy, I’ve got a deadline to catch!