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Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving by Maniac Pumpkins
Pumpkin Carving by Maniac Pumpkins

Camilla loves Halloween! And we love love this carved pumpkin from Maniac Pumpkin’s Carving Event at Cotton Candy Machine Gallery. This pumpkin is inspired by Camilla’s new painting “I’m Melting”, from her Niji Bambini exhibition at CCM.

I'm Melting - By Camilla d'Errico
I’m Melting – By Camilla d’Errico

Camilla loves Halloween, and is spending it this year with her fans at Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention in LA! Camilla has picked out a costume for this year,  so swing by her Artist Alley tables 811-2 tomorrow, Oct 31 through Nov 2. This is Camilla’s last convention trip of 2014, and last trip to LA until next summer, so be sure to visit her if you’re in the area!

Pics from Pumpkin Carving

The pumpkin carving with Kuro event last Saturday was a total blast!  We carved, ate candy, cookies sipped cider and hung out with Kuro and Buddha Kuros.  I think I will do these events more often and for different holidays and themes. Easter anyone?!


We’ve posted photos to Facebook and to Flickr if you’re on either of those sites.  And here are a few choice shots from the party!

Kuro Witch Hat

About to carve ....


final group shot