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I’m Opening my Studio for the Holidays!

I’m feeling festive! I made a fun little holiday card you can see on JibJab here in the spirit of the season and my upcoming art studio party! On Dec 9th I’m opening up my creative sanctuary for a party for my collectors! It’s going to be so much fun, I’ll have festive decorations and drinks, new goodies, apparel, framed prints and more so visitors can do a little holiday shopping for someone special or their own collection!

My studio is in downtown Vancouver, and I’m sending invitations to local and visiting collectors to come join one of two party times on December 9th. If you’re in, or visit, the BC lower mainland and would like to get an invite to my studio events, email info@camilladerrico.com !

Studio Sneak Peek And Upcoming Events

I’m so excited to show you guys my studio! After months of renovations, it’s all been worth it. This is my sanctuary. My creative safe-haven!  I’m so in love with how everything came together, and how creatively energizing it is to have a dedicated place to channel all my creativity!

Let me give you the tour! This is my computer workstation where I have a Wacom Cintiq touchscreen. These babies are amazing for Photoshop. Highly recommended!

It’s really important to me as a creative and an artist to support my fellow artists and creative friends, so I have a library and collection of books, artworks, toys and other things to creatively energize me through the day! It’s so lovely to be able to have a cup of tea and look through an artbook, or listen to one of my audiobooks surrounded by beautiful things other artists made with love, while I create my own paintings!

Speaking of what I love- look at this little nugget! Loki loves the patio outside my studio, and has his own dishes and favorite sleeping chairs. Just like the little prince he is!

My studio is also where I keep lots of special goodies and one-of-a-kind samples, proofs, and treasures. I’m going to be opening my studio up for invitation-only events, tours and release parties! So if you’d like to sign up for an invitation to my events in my Vancouver BC studio, email info@camilladerrico.com !

Clearly DCxCD Release Wrap Up


Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s DCxCD Camilla d’Errico x Derek Cardigan collection release party at Clearly.ca’s Robson St. Storefront location! An amazing time was had by all; friends, fans, family and team members all received such warm hospitality at Clearly’s location for the event.



Many in attendance got to view the new collection in person for the first time, try them on and find their perfect pairs.

2016-03-22_camilla-d'errico_5dmk2_0011 2016-03-22_camilla-d'errico_5dmk2_0063 2016-03-22_camilla-d'errico_5dmk2_0159

Camilla & Derek Cardigan’s limited edition collection pieces are available now in sunglasses or prescription frames, and ready for you to find your perfect pair here.

NeoGlassesModelPhoto1bsm waterwheel sunglasses sm2

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Party Pics & Thank You

Hi everyone, here are the photos from last Friday’s release party.  Thanks to Lois for being such an awesome photographer!

For anyone in Vancouver, there are still a few prints and a couple of pillows and Tanpopo books left over. We estimated about 500 people came in during the night!

Zebramilk original painting is sold and I’ve heard voices that there are offers on the two large canvases.  Nothing definite, so if anyone is interested in those originals pls email the gallery:  info@aydengallery.com.



There are a ton of photos and you can see them all here!  There are photos of all the merchandise, the paintings, the canvases, the prints, the shirts, and all the people! Thanks to everyone who came out, and who supported me. It was a truly fun event and I can’t wait to repeat next year!


Some Post Party Pics

Hi!  Hope you all had a cool weekend!  I’m now officially “over” the weekend after the big release party.  It was such a great party … so I’ve heard!  I was head down, customizing tshirts and signing for 5 hours!! Every time I looked up all I could see were people around me and I could hear pumping music. I’ve heard back from a few of you already and everyone seemed very happy. Some of you even drove up from the US!! I’m so floored and thankful for being supported by so many wonderful people. We estimate over 500 people came to the event 0.0 !!! 😀


I’m still waiting on the pics from the photographers, but here are a few from friends and fans, including a video of me customizing a tshirt. Enjoy and I’ll post more pics soon (also to the Flickr account).


customizing tees

customizing tee close up

ayden full

Ayden party

Youtube Video:

It’s Party Time!



There’s only 1 week left until my big release party!  There’s all kinds of stuff going on, so let me give you the rundown.  Then stay tuned next week for specific details, sneak peeks, and exclusive offers that are all tied into the party!


As you know, the party will be at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver. I’m proud to present my latest painting ZEBRAMILK for the party.  I began this painting at Anime Evolution, when I held a live painting class.  The video is on Youtube, so you can see how it all started.  Email the gallery if you’re interested in purchasing the painting.


There will also be LIMITED EDITION FINE ART PRINTS of Zebramilk.  This is the second in my series of fine art prints and a special size and run.

Edition of 50
Price $75.00
Paper size 13 x 24.25
Image size 11 x 22.25
Printed on Verona fine art smooth paper with archival inks
Signed and numbered right on the print
Comes with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity


Zebra Milk
Zebramilk - 30x15 - oils on wood panel - framed


Zebra Milk Fine Art Print, 13x24, edition of 50

Along with the painting and the prints there will be all kinds of awesome goodies, and I’ll reveal and release those throughout the week, with details about pricing, etc.  We’re still working on a couple of last minute surprises too!


One thing that will be super fun is the interactive part of the party!  I will be customizing blank t-shirts!  I’m capping this at 20 only otherwise I won’t be able to have fun with everyone >_^.  The price for the custom tees is $50 and you can watch me while I go nuts on the shirts!


Ayden Gallery is a big space with lots of walls and I’m planning on filling as much of them as I can!  How?  Stay tuned … and have a wonderful weekend! Camilla


Ayden Gallery

88 West Pender Street
#2103 2nd Floor
International Village(Tinseltown)
Vancouver, BC
+778 891 4310



Tanpopo Clothing Release Tomorrow !

It is the Friday before the party, everyone’s getting ready, the plushies and books have been delivered, the clothing has been printed, the giclees too! Tomorrow we set up. Phew! So much work, but so much fun!

And here are pics of some of the clothing … not all … just a taster!

Here is all the information you need to get to the Ayden for the party:

Camilla d’Errico TANPOPO Clothing Release Party!
One Night only – July 18, 2009 7pm to 11pm


88 West Pender St

2nd floor

International Village(Tinseltown)

Vancouver, BC





And don’t forget, I will be LIVE PAINTING the first 5 Tanpopo giclees!!