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48hr Limited Releases Coming Nov 17-18


Starting Saturday Nov 17-18 for 48hrs The Camilla Store will host Limited Edition timed releases of new Fine Art Prints and Mens & Women’s Tshirts.


Camilla’s new Fine Art Print, The Dream Melt, will be available for order as a 16×20″ Print on paper for 75$ or 11×14″ print on wood panel for 150$. The edition will close at the closure of the timed release.


The Dream Melt will be a Limited Edition Fine Art Print


Find The Dream Melt Fine Art Print Here on Nov 17-18.


On Nov 17 Camilla’s piece from her Candy Escape exhibition titled “Dusty Bunnies”, inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, will become available as an 11×14″ Mini Print for 20$.


Dusty Bunnies


For apparel fans, Camilla will have a selection of Tshirts printed with imagery from her painting Beyond The Rainbow.








Camilla’s clothing items are limited releases, and are not re-created in the same way or brought back into stock. So if you’d like to add a special edition to your wardrobe, catch the release when you can!

No Ordinary Love Statue Releases Internationally

Camilla's Fine Art Statue based on her painting No Ordinary Love


Camilla’s No Ordinary Love Fine Art Statue, a collaboration with Darkhorse Comics and the highly acclaimed Gentle Giant Studios, is now internationally available!


The No Ordinary Love Statue stands 8″ tall, meticulously hand-painted to perfection in an edition of 950 pieces worldwide.


Camilla’s first bold step into 3D Art creation has been a new and exciting challenge. “As my first statue, and first 3-D render of one of my paintings, it was all a series of firsts for me. I spent a great deal of time going over the details to get the right look. With a series of still images of the 3-D model I was able to visualize so much more of the girl than I had even conceived. Now I had to think about what the back of her dress looked like, what her hair shaped into…it was really neat to imagine her in 3-D space. I’ve never had that before with my paintings.”


Camilla discusses more about the Statue release in her new interview with Darkhorse Here


Camilla's Statue takes on No Ordinary Love 'In the round' as 3D art!


Each statue comes numbered with a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity.


Where can I get one?


Camilla’s No Ordinary Love art statues are available direct from Camilla’s eStore Here. Every order through Camilla’s eStore directly supports her artmaking, and she appreciates every one!


The statue may also be ordered through most Comic Book Shops and Hobby shops internationally; Ask your local shop to order through Previews Diamond Direct today.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about Camilla’s Fine Art Statue, please drop us a line at store@camilladerrico.com

Tonight’s The Night!

Hi everyone, thanks for putting up with my spamming about the party >_^

Before I go do the final preparations at the gallery – touch ups to the canvases, the wall murals and set-up of all the merchandise, I can’t forget to remind you that if you sign into Foursquare when you’re at the party, and leave a nice lil’ message, the gallery will give you a free gift ^_^  So just show that you’ve signed in with Foursquare and pick up your goodies!

I’m extremely excited about this year’s party because for one thing – there’s no snowstorm!!! And of course because this year I’ve got new art, lots of it – paintings and prints and cards and then so much cool merchandise and Tanpopo #3.  But not only Tanpopo 3 — also Kuro, many many Kuros — Poodles, and Buddhas and the vinyl prototype!!


Buddha, Poodle, Specter

vinyl sculpts

Tanpopo 3.

It makes me very happy to organize and put on these parties because I love meeting you, and sharing my art with you. I get to do it this through the blog and social media and I love that I can connect with so many people, and I love it even more when I can connect in person.
So thank you – whether you are coming the party or not – for being such a huge part of my life, for giving me the motivation to keep creating art, and a great reason to throw a party!

All My Best,


3rd Annual Winter Release Party – Invite & Save the Date

3rd Annual Camilla Release Party



7 – 11 PM





I’m very excited to tell you all about my winter release party, this year at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver.  This has become an annual must-do party and this year I’ve got a bunch of awesome goodies, including a brand new fine art print – of Zebramilk!

Zebra Milk Fine Art Print
Zebra Milk Fine Art Print

The Zebramilk print will be 11 x 22, limited edition of 50, fine art paper, archival inks, signed and numbered (with certificate of authenticity) and priced at only $75.00.

Other merchandise will include home decor pillows, handmade jewelry, new tees and something really fun, which will be blank tees that I’ll customize for the first 20 people who buy them!  I’ll be updating the blog more soon with images of the merchandise, and more details.  I hope to see you all there!

<3 Camilla



Canadian Tiger Print Release Details

Limited Edition Fine Art Print

Available Thursday September 30th, 2010

Print will go online at 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (3:00 pm Eastern)

Canadian Tiger


18 x 24 inches (image size 16 x 22)
$100 USD plus shipping

Edition of 100 only

Printed on smooth textured fine art paper with archival inks
Each print is signed and numbered by Camilla

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity
Each print is packed with utmost care and protection; may be shipped flat or in a tube at customer’s request


Order your beautiful, limited edition print!  Bookmark this link or visit the online store.
This was a highly sought after print from Camilla’s art show during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Only available while supplies last


Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipping
*shipments outside of North America may take longer


** Vancouver residents can arrange for pick-up of the print by contacting store@camilladerrico.com after their purchase.

Friday Party Time!

Hey everyone!  Friday is just around the corner! Make sure you come out to El Kartel at 9:00 pm on December 11th for the release party with all the cool new clothes, more handbags and accessories and one of a kind art prints!  The address is 1025 Robson Street.

I’ve posted a selection of shots from the model photoshoot on my Flickr page, so go check them out! There are a few details about the clothing that you can’t see there – like the black ink is sparkly, the white reflective ink is nearly silver and the hoodies all have gold zippers and these are all truly one of a kind because they are hand screened; no two are alike. Special stuff!

Here is the invite, so come out to the party if you can — and keep your fingers crossed — we don’t want a snowstorm like last year 😉


Release party invite

Winter Clothing Line 2009

It is here! The snow? December? Yes, those too! But even BETTER than snow or the fact that Christmas is right around the corner (yes I admit, I adore Christmas), is that my 2009 Winter Clothing Line is ready!!  The whole line is now available on my online store. You’ll find it listed under FEATURED and CLOTHING.

We talked about the line a couple of months ago when we asked your opinions on the design to use on the new hoodies.  So we’ve gone with what you’ve asked for … This year’s limited edition design is: DEER GOD’S COMA on tshirts for guys, hoodies for guys and girls, and dresses too!

Deer God Hoodie Purple Deer God Hoodie BlackDeer God T Black Deer God T White

Deer God Top

But we didn’t stop there; one design can’t possibly be enough fun! So we’ve got some new TANPOPO designs and colors on shirts and sweatshirts, hats with KURO embroidery (soooo cute) and VENISSEN LICK dresses and scarves. Oh So Sexy and lots of funky colorways for the brave and the brash, the cheeky and the sassy!

Tanpopo Hoodies Turquoise Tanpopo Hoodie Dark Grey

Venissen Dress White Venissen Dress Black

kuro tuques Venissen Scarves

And we are happy to announce that the handbags with Tanpopo and Crane Girl are back in stock! These are hard to come by, even for us, so this is an extra special treat!

blue strap purse white tote bag

These are limited edition, some limited to less than 15 pieces of one kind, so if you love my unique designs and color palettes and clothing – now is the time to pick some up!  Whether you buy for yourself or as gifts, I know you’ll love the line!

We’ve got the items up already on the online store to ensure shipments have enough time to arrive before Christmas, so please don’t wait too long, otherwise we won’t be able to guarantee arrival of your order in time for the Holidays.  Also we’ve added SIZE CHARTS  to the Frequently Asked Questions!

PS – keep your eyes on my blog for more photos of the clothing after the photo shoot AND more news about the release party.

New Look for the Online Store

Hi everyone! November has come and gone already! I know that most of my American friends are getting ready for Turkey dinner tomorrow (lucky you) AND getting days off (lucky you).  Lately it seems like time has gotten the better of me – no days off, no weekends, just work, work, work. But I’m happy to say that I’ve polished off Sky Pirates Issue 4 and am putting the finishing touches on a really special comic project that I hope to be able to share with you soon. No, it isn’t Tanpopo 3 – that has had to take a backseat to my current work, but I’ve finished the script and will start drawing it in a couple of weeks.

Another project that has been keeping me busy this month has been the redesign of the online store. I didn’t do it alone, I admit! But if anyone is interested in redesigning their store, or their site, I would highly recommend Brandxhype. So I hope everyone likes the new look! We were aiming for an easier to navigate, more colorful, and all around better experience for anyone visiting the store. We’ve even updated some of the product images.

Picture 1

Picture 2

But wait, that’s not all. I wouldn’t be on the blog if it were only about my pretty new store! I’ve been dropping hints and pasting some drawings of the NEW winter clothing that will soon be available. I’m like a jumping jellybean right now!! I can’t wait to see the finished products.  But we don’t have to wait THAT much longer. Only one more week and all the hoodies, shirts, dresses, tops, scarves and even embroidered tuques will be online.  Just in the nick of time for Christmas shipping, too!

For my Vancouverites, this year, on December 11th at El Kartel we’re going to have a party to launch the clothing! No snowstorm stopped you last year, so this year will be even bigger and better!!!

Go take a look at the online store, if you haven’t seen it already, and feel free to tell me what you think. And if you’re already thinking beyond the “big” Christmas presents, check out the Featured section of the store for brand spanking new, spot gloss covered, French production 2010 pocket agendas! Oh yeah!!!


I’ll be back with more next week, including the official announcement for the clothing, and for the big party .

But for now, I’d like to share some Thanksgiving cheer (not so much for me because I get no Turkey 😉 …) and say THANK  YOU for all the support, encouragement and feedback you give me constantly.  To show you how much it means to me, I’m going to give away a mini prize package containing one of the diaries and some other goodies to the 5th person who writes to me directly to this blog post on my website!  Tell me what you think of the store design, the products, and what you’d like to see in the future.

Ciao Ciao everyone ^_^


Calendar of Upcoming Events

An overview of Camilla’s upcoming events, releases, shows, live paintings, signings and other happenings throughout the coming months.


Wednesday, July 20th to Sunday July 25th, 2011

Comic-Con International

Where: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego – http://www.comic-con.org/

It’s that time of year again and here is Camilla’s schedule and releases:

-Camilla d’Errico is nominated for an Eisner Award in the category of Best Short story along with well-know creator Bryan Talbot for their work in Image Comics’ Factured Fables.

-A new, three version vinyl toy line based on the character Kuro from the series Tanpopo, which will have a major announcement at SDCC.

-Camilla d’Errico will participate in TFAW’s CBLDF Auction, with two original pieces for the event.

-There will be a Camilla d’Errico alternate cover to the Grant Morrison documentary Talking to Gods. Halo-8 is presenting the DVD in Small Press, Booth M-03

-Camilla has several events scheduled, including, but not limited to:

  • Color Ink Book – Camilla’s cover & signing 11:00 am Sunday at booth 5569
  • Holbein Live Painting 12:00 -1:30 pm Thursday at booth 5104
  • Sketch Theatre live drawing 2:00 pm Friday at booth 4712
  • Eisner Awards Friday night
  • MTV Geek panel 11:00 am Saturday in room 7AB
  • CBLDF Master Session 1:00 pm Saturday in room 30CDE
  • CBLDF auction Saturday night at 7:30 in room KL Sapphire at the Hilton Bayfront

Camilla’s IN-BOOTH signing and toy customizing times are:

Wednesday, July 20th (Preview Night) from 6-9 pm

Thursday, July 21st: 9 – 11 am & 4 – 6 pm

Friday, July 22nd: 10 am – 12 pm & 4-6 pm

Saturday, July 23rd: 9 – 11 am & 4 – 6 pm

Sunday, July 24th: 9 – 11 am & 2 – 4 pm


Friday, April 1st, 2011

Magical Girls, Curated by Sweet Streets & Hi Hi Caro @ Gallery Meltdown

Where: Gallery Meltdown, LA. http://gallerymeltdown.wordpress.com/

“Magical girls: art inspired by sh?jo manga” will feature new work by international artists, including Camilla, inspired by the heroines of japanese sh?jo manga. Sh?jo (meaning “little female”) is neither genre nor style, but exists in the spirit of characters like princess knight, creamy mami, minky momo, and candy candy. If you’re thinking that this show is too girly for you, think again. Sh?jo has been created by japan’s most legendary male and female artists for over 50 years.


Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Lyric Group Show, Curated by Glenn Barr

Where: 323 East Gallery, Detroit. www.323east.com

Music and its lyrics can always stimulate our emotions and it can have us contemplating a visional narrative. Lyrics have been known to be the fodder of some of the greatest works in the world. This exhibition will illustrate the artists personal transcription from a songs lyric to canvas.  Curated by Glenn Barr.  Participating artists: Jeff Soto, Michael Segal, THH70, Gary Taxali, Cammy d’Errico, Travis Louie, Davin Brainard, Chris Riccardi, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Joey Seeman, Bask, Lisa Petrucci, Rick Morris, Chet Zar, Trevor Young, Mark Dancey, Bryan Cunningham, Marie Blanco Hendrixx, Chris Dean, Brandi Milne, Calef Brown, William Wray, Yumiko Kayukawa


Friday, March 11th, 2011

INLE Group Show, Curated by Greg Simkins

Where: Gallery 1988, Venice Beach, LA. www.nineteeneightyeight.com

Greg Simkins is curating this show based on one of his  favorite books from childhood, Watership Down by Richard Adams. The theme is INLE, the anti-hero of the book – the black rabbit.


Friday, March 4th, 2011

Live Art Event @ Emerald City Comic Con

Where: Noc Noc, Seattle.

ifanboy.com, graphic.ly, and Comic Evolution present the hottest event at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con: Live Art at the Noc Noc!

Join a bunch of superstar comic book artists as they paint incredible, original artwork for your amusement as you drink and dance to the fantastic guest DJs. Observe the creation of art in a laid back atmosphere that you would not necessarily get at a crowded convention.

Artists include:
Jim Mahfood
Ben Templesmith
Camilla D’Errico
Scott Campbell
David Mack
Ray Fawkes
Chris Haley
And many more!


Friday, February 18th, 2011

Ayden Gallery 7th Anniversary show in collaboration with Toms Shoes

Where: Ayden Gallery, Tinseltown, Vancouver. www.aydengallery.com

Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, where Camilla got her start as a painter, is having it’s 7 year anniversary show in collaboration with Toms Shoes: www.toms.com.  Artists, including Camilla, are customizing a pair of Toms shoes for the show. There is a charity component, as all the custom shoes will be auctioned and funds will go towards Tom’s childrens’ charities. Information about the Tom’s show can be found here: www.tomsshoes.ca/seven.


Friday, February 11th, 2011

New Moon Group Show

Where: My Plastic Heart, Gallery & Store, New York City. http://www.myplasticheart.com

My Plastic Heart’s popular, New Moon show is in it’s 3rd year. Every artist interprets a sign from the Chinese Zodiac and this year, Camilla’s animal will be the Tiger!


Friday, February 4th, 2011

Mad Potters Tea Party in collaboration with Strychnin Gallery & The New English

Where: Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany. www.strychnin.com

Strychnin Gallery and innovative UK ceramics company, The New English are putting together 100 artists to interpret the Mad Potter’s theme on a variety of ceramics: pots, plates, cups, saucers in special edition and limited editions.  Artists include Ray Caesar, David Stoupakis, Camilla d’Errico, Chris Mars, Nathan Jurevicious, and many more.


Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver & Camilla d’Errico Live Art Event

Where: The Beaumont Stage @ Beaumont Studios, 316 West 5th Ave, Vancouver. www.drsketchyvancouver.com

The Dr Sketchy’s Art Star Series features burlesque art models dressed as characters from the paintings of Vancouver based artists. Camilla D’Errico will be at this special Dr Sketchy’s- you can view Camilla’s prints in the gallery, talk to her about her work, and see her paintings come to life on stage for this 3 hour drawing session!  Little Miss Risk and Little Woo will pose as girls from Camilla’s anime inspired paintings and will be modeling on a 360 degree stage.

Tickets are $20 and places are limited.


Friday, December 10th, 2010

Camilla d’Errico’s Annual Release Party

Where: Ayden Gallery, Tinseltown, Vancouver. http://www.aydengallery.com

Join Camilla at Vancouver’s coolest gallery, Ayden Gallery in Tinseltown, for a release party featuring Tanpopo, Volume #3, Giant Buddha plushes, new prints, postcards, clothing and other merchandise.  It’s one of Vancouver’s hottest December events and not to be missed for all the “Camilla” fans.


Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Gibson Art Assault Show @ Art Basel Miami Beach

Where: Gibson Showroom, Miami.  Art Assault & Art Basel Miami Beach

Art, Music, and Toys for Charity… doesn’t get much better than that! Debuting in the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Miami Florida during Art Basel Miami 2010, the show will center around 11 amazing artists from around the globe transforming Gibson Kramer Assault guitars with their artistic prowess! These artists include: Pete Fowler, Ashley Wood, 123Klan, Michael Lau, Nakanari, Matthew Waldman, Christian Jacobs, Camilla d’Errico, Long Vo, Lebo, & Jeff Bridges. After the event and potential tour, the guitars will be auctioned online to benefit the Gibson Foundation. With a designer toy vibe central to the show, there will also be a toy exhbition that features 5 artists (Jure Gavran, KaNO, Dave “Outtamymind” Quiles, Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica, and Tracy Tubera) each creating a member of a 20″ Dunny custom SuperBand! With artists in attendance and live bands/DJs, it’s sure to be a rocking experience! *Note: Camilla will not be in attendance.


Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Circoloquadro Inaugural Show

Where: Circoloquadro Gallery, Milan, Italy. www.circoloquadro.com

Circoloquadro is a new, modern and fresh contemporary gallery in Milan, in a Napoleonic foundry.  Six fresh talents will have their work on display to inaugurate the gallery: Camilla d’Errico, Daniele Serra, Massimo Dalla Pola, Fabrizio Segaricci, Giulia Berra, Quadreria Romantico Seriale.  Each artists expresses himself and herself in unique themes and languages yet they are bound together by their refined, strong and consistent message.  Camilla will have three of her Codice d’Errico paintings available and on display.


Friday, November 12th, 2010

Sanrio 5oth Anniversary Show

Where: Barker Hangar, Santa Monica. Sanrio Small Gift & Barker Hangar

It’s Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary, and to celebrate, the iconic company has invited popular artists from around the world to collaborate in two standout art exhibitions: Small Gift Los Angeles and Small Gift Miami, during Art Basel. Artists will transform their favorite Sanrio characters into stunning original works that will be available for sale to the public. Small Gift Los Angeles and Small Gift Miami exhibitions will feature different artists as well as incorporate charitable components specific to each city. Ant the artist list is extensive, which includes wrok from: 64 Colors, Adam Ansell, Amy Sol, Anna Chambers, Apak, Audrey Kawasaki, Bei Badgirl, Brandi Milne, Buff Monster, Camilla d’Errico, Crowded Teeth, Dan Goodsell, Deph, Eric Joyner, Gary Baseman, Gary Taxali, Jason Mecier, Jeremiah Ketner, Jesse LeDoux, Joe Ledbetter, Joel “Krook” Raul, Junko Mizuno, KANO, kozyndan, Kukula, Lola, Luke Chueh, MAD, Mari Inukai, Mark Bodnar, Martin Hsu, Misha, Miss Kika, Natalia Fabia, Naoshi, Neivz, Noferin, Norma Christmas, Nouar, Paul Frank, Peekaboo Monster, Pete Wentz, Plasticgod, Samuel Lowder, Scott Campbell, Sharktoof, Simone Legno, Terry Hoff, Tim Diet, Travis Louie, Twinkie Chan, and others.  Small Gift Los Angeles will open on November 12 at Barker Hangar as part of Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary celebration events, featuring a character product retrospective, pop-up shop, interactive activities and special event programming, in a carnival style theme. Curated by Jamie Rivadeneira, owner of JapanLA, Small Gift Los Angeles will showcase eleven unique installation rooms designed by 64 Colors, Anna Chambers, Buff Monster, Crowded Teeth, Dan Goodsell, Joe Ledbetter, Neivz, Peekaboo Monster, Plasticgod, Sharktoof, and Tim Diet.


Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Thinkspace 5th Anniversary Show

Where: Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City. http://www.thinkspacegallery.com

Thinkspace Gallery is putting together a show full of artists that have made it’s history over the past 5 years. Camilla will be contributing one magical piece to the exhibition, which runs until November 27th.


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Urban Superstar Show “2D Characters”

Where: Mondopop, Rome, Italy. www.mondopopshop.com

MondoPOP presents the most important international artists  from Urban Art, Pop Surrealism and Low Brow Art regarding Character design.

Heirs of International Pop, this generation of artists born between 70’s and 80’s, grown up with Disney, Looney Tunes, anime and Manga, vintage videogames and old internet aesthetics, often create characters similar to the ones they spent their childhood and adolescence with: puppets that comes back from the childish imagination to fill the visual imagination of adults.

But you should not look to the figures represented as a mere exercise of replication of the older comics or cartoons: with their strong ability to penetrate the imaginary of entire generations.

Characters become the protagonists of this perfect society, suitable to communicate every single message, from social criticism to human moods. Now the most important and recognized authors of this genre have come together to MondoPOP Gallery with important names from USA as Glenn Barr, Gary Taxali, Shag, Buff Monster (special guest of the opening party!), Jeremy Fish, Joe Ledbetter,  Jim Avignon, and from Europe: Jon Burgerman, Ian Stevenson, Boris Hoppek and even Italian artists as Tokidoki and Diavù.

Among them also fantastic female artists which portray almost exclusively female characters: Lisa Petrucci from the States, the Colombian Catalina Estrada, Italo-Canadian Camilla D’Errico and Japanese Naoshi, true pioneers of the genre and very much appreciated internationally.


Saturday, October 9th, 2010

MTV Geek! Launch Party: Live Painting

Where: Location TBA, during NYC Comic Con. www.mtvgeek.com

MTV Geek! Launch party in New York during the New York City Comic Con. Live painting, drawing from artists like Camilla d’Errico, Ben Templesmith, David Mack, FoodOne, and many more. Paul Pope and Jim Mahfood aka FoodOne djing.  Proceeds from live painting and drawing will be auctioned by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in support of their hard work in defending the rights of comic professionals and publishers.


Saturday, July 10th, 2010

The Monster Within: Art Show

Where: Giant Robot, GR2, Los Angeles. http://www.giantrobot.com

Giant Robot is proud to host The Monster Within, an art show featuring reinterpretations of work by Buff Monster by his friends.  Buff Monster is best known for his wheat-pasted, street art featuring lumps of ice cream, clouds, and squirting breasts. He needs just a few tones to seize your eyeballs–black, gray, white, and pinks–and his disarmingly sweet imagery has spilled over into the worlds of fashion, collectibles, and galleries, as well as collaborations for the likes of The Standard, Hurley, Vans, Helio, and Nike.  For this exhibit, the Los Angeles artist is asking 49 of his artist friends, peers, and colleagues to customize three-inch toys based on his work. Collaborators will come from various fields and countries


Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Opera Gallery 10th Anniversary Show

Where: Opera Gallery, New York. http://www.operagallery.com

New paintings for the celebration of Opera Gallery’s 10th Anniversary.


Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Solo Show: Il Codice d’Errico

Where: Mondo Bizzarro, Rome, Italy. http://www.mondobizzarro.net

Camilla’s second career solo show will be featured in Rome’s Lowbrow gallery,  Mondo Bizzarro. Opening reception is June 5th, and the show pieces will be on display until July 30th.  In this solo show, Camilla’s exquisite Helmetgirls will explore Da Vinci’s machines and inventions, in excruciatingly beautiful detail.  Paying homage to the great Leonardo, and expressing her love and admiration for her Italian roots, the show is called “Il Codice d’Errico”, quite literally, “The d’Errico Code”.

Show runs through June 30th.


Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Signing and Charity Event
Where: Elfsar Comics, 1007 Hamilton St., Vancouver, BC.  www.elfsar.com
Coming back to Elfsar for the second year in a row, Camilla will be headlining a long list of comic artists, writers and creators, sketching, signing and promoting the wonderful, Free Comic Book Day; the annual tradition in North America, where comic shops give away comics to visitors. Elfsar will collect donations for the food bank, and encourages people to dress up in their best cosplay costume. Camilla’s Red Riding Hood is the lead-off story in Jim Valentino’s Shadowline FCBD offering of Fractured Fables, the highly anticipated short preview of the anthology.
The event runs all day, from 10 am to late night.


Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Urban Superstar Show, Contemporary Art Festival curated by David Vecchiato

Where: MADRE Art Museum, Naples, Italy. www.urbansuperstarshow.com

The Urban Superstar Show is a voyage in Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow. Many of today’s most compelling and talked about artists, along with some of those who helped establish the movement, will be participating in this show. Some of the artists confirmed are: Gary Baseman, Buff Monster, Dave Cooper, Alepop, Joe Ledbetter, Jon Burgerman, Victor Castillo and Tokidoki. The show is broken up into themes, and these mini-exhibitions run within the larger timeframe of May 1st, 2010 to February, 2011. Camilla will have pieces on display in the “Back From Black” and “Characters & Patterns” portions of the show.


Friday, April 16th, 2010

Telus “State of the Art” Exhibition during Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival

Where: Whistler Conference Center, Whistler BC. www.stateoftheart.com

The Telus Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival takes place April 16th to 25h and features more than just amazing skiers and snowboarders. There is a huge art and culture component as well.  Camilla’s artwork will be on display during the festival in the Artist Hall, along with many other local artists’ work. To celebrate the Festival’s 15th anniversary, artists will customize an 8″ x 8″ canvas, which will be mounted along with all the other ’tiles’ to form a huge mosaic.


Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Custom Toy Show, “We Heart Wood” Custom Noferin Jibibut Show

Where: Munky King, LA, 7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.  www.munkyking.com & www.noferin.com

Munky King is hosting a one of a kind exhibition of custom Jibibut sculptures. A load of artists from the lowbrow, pop surrealism, street art, toy customization scenes are all coming together to reinterpret Noferin’s adorable Jibibuts! The show runs from April 8th to May 6th and opening reception is April 8th at 7 pm.


Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Live Painting – Vancouver Urban Artists, 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Where: Cypress Mountain, Vancouver. www.vanoc.com

During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, some of Vancouver’s premier urban artists will be painting on 8 ft canvases at the foot of the Cypress Mountain games venue (snowboard, ski and snowboard cross, aerials, etc.) throughout the competitions, and in front of 25,000 live spectators daily.  Camilla will be at the venue on Thursday, February 18th, and painting times are 10:00-11:00 am, 3:00-4:00 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm.  Finished artwork will be auctioned by VANOC for charity.


Saturday, February 13th, 2010

5 “Five” Gallery Show

Where: Ayden Gallery, 88 West Pender Street International Village(Tinseltown) Vancouver. http://www.aydengallery.com/

The Olympics will take over Vancouver in February, and The Ayden Gallery is putting on a show to be viewed by the world! All Canadian, all BC line-up with Camilla d’Errico, Lani Imre, Ben Tour and Peter Taylor.  Let’s show the world what art in Vancouver, BC is made of!


Friday, February 12th, 2010

“The Red Light Exhibit” at The Dirty Show

Where: Bert’s Warehouse Theater, 2739 Russell Street, Detroit, MI. http://www.dirtyshow.org

The mission of The Dirty Show is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms. This is done in the form of an erotic art exhibition which has become one of the largest in the world. Participating Artists: Shawn Barber, Paul Booth, Scott G. Brooks, Vincent Castiglia, Colin Christian, Molly Crabapple, Camilla D’Errico, Ewelina Ferusso, Michael Hussar, Michael Mararian, Dan Quintana, Celeste Rapone, David Stoupakis, The Dirty Fabulous, Brian Viveros, Tony Ward, & Jasmine Worth.

Show runs through February 20th. Curated by Genevive Zacconi, in association with Last Rites Gallery.


Friday, January 29th, 2010

HERE IS NOW Exhibition

Where: Chapel Arts, Vancouver. http://hereisnow.ca/

Here Is Now is a series of “pop-up” exhibitions that features the work of contemporary Vancouver artists shown within the unconventional space. The intention of Here Is Now is to view the exhibits themselves as an overall installation, through the exploration of time and space, creating an aesthetic that varies in participation, duration and negotiates and reconfigures the use of the unconventional space. Through this approach we wish to create a movement that focuses on what Is Here Now. Some of the featured artists, along with Camilla, are Peter Taylor, Nathan Wiens, Kaput, Andrew Pommier and many more.

Opening reception begins at 6 pm and party goes until 2 am. The exhibition runs through February 26th.


Friday, January 8th, 2010

He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Show

Where: Gallery 1988, Los Angeles. http://www.nineteeneightyeight.com

Over 100 artists are interpreting characters from the classic toys and cartoon.  Gallery 1988 Los Angeles is known for its themed group show, and this one, in collaboration with Mattel, is going to be nothing short of epic.

Show runs through January 29th. Opening reception begins at 7 pm.


Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Spectation Benefit Fundraiser. http://theartsleague.com

Where: District 319, Vancouver, BC. http://district319.com/

The event will be comprised of a cutting edge art show, live performances, amazing music and awesome people! Hors d’oeuvres will be served, and libations will be flowing. Come join us for a great time, and help raise money and awareness for a great cause! ALL PROCEEDS from the event go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society to support Camp Goodtimes.
Camilla will be live painting during the event, and her painting can be bought through the silent auction that evening.


Friday, December 11th, 2009

Camilla’s 2nd Annual Christmas Clothing Release Party at El Kartel

Where: El Kartel, Vancouver, BC. http://www.elkartel.com

Join Camilla and the El Kartel crew on this Friday and check out Camilla’s all new clothing featuring Tanpopo and Kuro designs, plus Deer God’s Coma. The winter line of clothing includes hoodies for guys and girls, tshirts, two styles of dresses, scarves and embroidered tuques. Camilla will be at El Kartel all night, hanging out, signing clothing and even customizing some garments. Also, for the fashion fanatics, back by popular demand are Camilla’s handbags.


Saturday, November 7th, 2009, 1pm to 11 pm

Hello Kitty Artist Party. www.sanrio.com/threeapples

Where: Royal/T Gallery. www.royal-t.org

Free, open to the public event starting at 1 pm. Camilla will be doing a live painting at 5:30. Activities throughout the day including live painting by other Hello Kitty artists, live screenprinting on tshirts, and much more!