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Camilla Returns to STGCC Singapore Expo Sept 12-13

Fonzo 3

Camilla returns to Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Expo September 12-13! It has been several years since Camilla’s last visit to Singapore, and Camilla has big plans for her guest appearance at this year’s event. Visit Camilla in Hall B, Booth B29 for prints, STGCC Exclusive Prints, original hand-painted toys, merchandise, convention-exclusive goodies and more.

The STGCC Exhibition Hall hours are:

Sept 12: 10am-9pm

Sept 13: 10am-8pm


STGCC Events

Camilla is scheduled to appear in the STCC Walk of Fame 

September 12th: 2-3pm

September 13th: 3:30-4:30pm

View Camilla’s contribution to the “Women in Comics in the 21st Century” panel Saturday September 12th. This panel begins 4:15pm on the Stage, and runs until 5pm.

tree of life_sm

STGCC Exclusives

Both Camilla and STGCC love exclusives, and we know you love them too! Camilla is bringing an edition of 30 signed & numbered, hand-embellished fine art prints of “Tree of Life”, pictured above.  “Tree of Life” fine art prints will retail for $35usd and $47sgd. These prints are made on 300gsm entrada paper, and embellished by hand with gold paint.

Symbiotic friends pouch1sm

“Symbiotic Friends” zippered pouches are coming to STGCC. Only 20 have been made, and will not to made again. These pouches will retail for $20usd and $27sgd. Collect yours, or have a friend pick one up, at Camilla’s booth B29.

Hand Painted Artworks

Fonzo 2

Camilla is bringing one of a kind hand-painted toys and small original artworks to STGCC.  Camilla has painted 3 resin Tentacle Crowns from our Killer Tentacle Octopus x Camilla crown collab. Each is one-of-a-kind, and will be sold separately with certificate of authenticity.

Crowns group1

Crown green1

Camilla brings 4 hand-painted Fonzo vinyl toys, and 2 hand painted Dark Horse x Hellboy vinyl toys to STGCC. Original 3D painted toys will retail between $325-400usd ea/$445-550sgd ea.

Fonzo 1

Hellboy 2_square

Camilla does not paint designer vinyl toys very often, so STGCC is a special chance to acquire a smaller affordable original oil painted piece. Visit Camilla’s STGCC BoothB29 early for the most availability.

Fonzo 3



Camilla is bringing a selection of 11×14″ and 8×10″ prints to STGCC BoothB29! Collect your favourites, and have Camilla sign them at booth B29 and Camilla’s scheduled signing at the Walk Of Fame.

Charles Pugsley the 3rd


Plush & Goodies


Camilla’s cuddly plush Kuro & Specter plush from Camilla’s Tanpopo graphic novel will be available at booth B29, along with convention exclusive postcards & goodies.

Do you have any questions about Camilla at STGCC, or would like to schedule an interview? Email info@camilladerrico.com for details.

Singapore Toy, Comic and Game Convention

Its time for an update! Since getting back from San Diego I’ve been madly, and I mean “like a madman” been drawing, painting, and preparing for the month ahead!  First of all I finished the inks for the second issue of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. I put so much detail into these pages I had to stop myself.  I pulled all-nighters, going to bed at 7 am only to be woken up by Fedex at 8:00 …

Sigh … but they were dropping off cool stuff, including more wallets and coin purses!!! Yes, that’s right! I’m bringing a bunch with me to Singapore for the convention.

I tell ya, this convention is going to rock! For the first time in my life I have a booth – a big one! 10 x 10 ft!  Woohoo! So I got to design some smokin’ walls for it, and my display is going to be a ton of fun, and somewhat like a canvas … I’m going to paint and draw all over my display stands during the convention :).

I also designed two new Tanpopo themed posters, since my entire theme is Tanpopo and its launch in Asia.  I’m also officially launching Specter Kuro! My little white devil from the second Tanpopo book!


I’ll have lots and lots of Tanpopo merchandise, including more of the Tanpopo clothing, Tanpopo Volume 1 and 2, and even promotional fans! I can’t wait to see them in person ^__^

And I have a cool cat booth neighbour too – Toysrevil! That’s right. I’m at the corner booth C14 and they are C16. Andy did a wicked interview with tons and tons of pics, so check it out and sign up because these guys totally know where its at when it comes to toys!  We’re really close to Walk of Fame and we’re going to be doing some live painting, I tell ya! Oh memories of Taipei ^_^

After the convention I’m off to Tokyo! Yay some vacation!  Hence (love using these old words!) I’ll be back at the end of August. Just in time to put the finishing touches on my paintings and prep for the Thinkspace Show!

I’ll try to update random pictures to Facebook, or send stuff to get posted around the ‘Net. Yup, I’ve got some help now! Woohoo! This means you’ll be seeing lots more pictures, content, stories, updates, etc. about all that I’m up to, will be up to and more.  So keep up with me because the rest of the summer and the rest of the year are going to be a fun filled ride!