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San Diego Comic-Con Announcements


Like Christmas for nerds, geeks, and fans, San Diego Comic-Con is back again! Okay, there’s a lot of different things going on this year, so get ready for an information overload. First things first, come say hello if you’re attending! We’ll be set up at booth 4723, on the corner right across from the toy section.

Next, as promised, there are three, brand-new Kuro vinyls. Aren’t they cute?!


The glowing blueberry version (yes, it really glows-in-the-dark!), will be a 2011 SDCC exclusive ($59.99), however the regular Kuro ($29.99) and DIY version ($25.99) will be available through our mailing list, provided supplies still last. Each Kuro purchased at SDCC will also come with an exclusive collectible card from Camilla! If you would like a customized DIY Kuro ($25.99 + $25), please email cderricostore [at] gmail [dot] com; only a few will be available, and must be picked up at booth 4723, where Camilla will be working on the collector items, autographing books, and meeting fans.


If you’ve ever attended a show with Camilla, you probably seen her working on sketches like the ones below:

Emerald City Comic Con


Calgary Comic Expo

Because the demand for sketches has been so high, we are opening up pre-orders for only 15 sketches this year at San Diego Comic-Con. Sketches must be pre-paid and picked up at booth 4723 during the convention. All sketches come on 9 x 12 art paper. Single character sketches start at $100, and multi-character sketches start at $150. Please email cderricostore [at] gmail [dot] com to arrange a one-of-a-kind piece of original art. Similarly, if you would like to arrange to pick up one of only a few of 100-limited-edition Black Rabbit Kaleidoscope fine art prints, please email to schedule receiving the certificate of authenticity as well.

Those are the big announcements for those looking to pick up something special at San Diego Comic-Con, but there is much more going on as well. Camilla’s “Wireseat” is the cover to the 2011 SDCC Color Ink Book, and an alternative cover to the Grant Morrison documentary ‘Talking with Gods’ by Camilla will also be available! Just click the links for more information.

In addition to being nominated for an Eisner Award, it’s a privilege for Camilla to be a part of TFAW’s CBLDF Auction and has created two pieces – Catwoman & Phoenix, look for more details about how you can bid on the unreleased original art in the coming days. For participating in the auction, TFAW has been kind enough to pledge 500 limited-edition cards that feature Camilla’s piece that can be picked up at booth 4723! Want to know what the original looks like? Here’s a hint – the image is very well known in the comic community. >_^

Since we’re letting some secrets slips, here’s a couple more – fans of Tanpopo are going to get a huge gift in about one month from now, and fans of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra will have a new, online game to play soon. Okay! That’s all the secrets for now!


Cos & Effect 2011 – Helmetgirl Cosplay Walkoff

We’re excited to announce that there will be a Camilla d’Errico Helmetgirl Cosplay Walkoff as part of Cos & Effect 2011, hosted at the University of British Columbia from August 13 & 14th! Tickets are $20 at the door, or can be purchased online after creating an account. If you’re in the Vancouver area, you can also buy tickets in person at Metropolis Comics and Toys, Sakura Media, or Gamedeals.

The Helmetgirl Cosplay Walkoff will be held on Sunday, August 14th, most likely at Noon sharp, but the time may change. We’ll be sure to let you know the exact time as we get closer to the date. Since we know it takes a good deal of planning and effort to make a costume, we wanted to give you a heads up with all the details, plus show some examples of previous cosplayers. (Click on any of the photos for a larger view!)


This photo come from a Flickr set of other Helmetgirl costplay!


From a Halloween Costume blog last year!


You can see more examples of Xiomara on Cosplay.com!


Xiomara was part of a larger group for the Cosplay.com contest last year at DragonCon!


This was from CCEE just last weekend!


This Bird’s Nest costume was from A-Kon and part of Cosplay in America!

The IRL Events website has a special forum section for information about the show, and a place for people to talk about their projects and get tips from fellow cosplayers. Camilla has posted her own thread about the Helmetgirl Cosplay Walkoff, and maps, panels, and other retailer information can be found here.

Camilla will be attending Cos & Effect in person, plus there will be a table set up to purchase several items, like prints, books, t-shirts, and bags. As well, there will prizes for the Helmetgirl Cosplay Walkoff, including an original piece of Camilla d’Errico art! More details about the prizes as we get closer to the event.

If you’re thinking of attending, please RSVP and spread the word! And if you need inspiration, we’ve set up an entire gallery on Facebook you can browse, or view all seventeen of original paintings on this site. Finally, if you’re looking for help, visit Cosplay.com, plus there’s a fantastic costume retailer in Canada called BooLaLa that has lots of great steam punk items you can use as the foundation for your project.

Hope to see you at the event! ^.^

P.S. – Sky Pirates of Neo Terra is now available through ComiXology on the iPhone and iPad!

Vote for Camilla in the 2011 Harvey Awards

The deadline for nominations to the Harvey Awards is Monday, March 28th!


Named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman, the Harvey Awards recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art, and are decided by creators in the industry. Only professionals are allowed to vote in the awards, so while we appreciate all the support fans continue to give, unfortunately only those who work directly in the comics field can submit ballots.

If you are a creator, please take just a few moments to consider nominating Camilla d’Errico for the following categories:

Best Artist

Camilla d’Errico – ‘Fractured Fables’

Best Cartoonist

Camilla d’Errico – ‘Tanpopo Vol. 3′

Best Cover Artist

Camilla d’Errico – ‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’

Best Continuing or Limited Series

‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’ – Image Comics

Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers

‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’ – Image Comics

The chances of ‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’ winning the Young Readers category seems very good, so please include it if you happening to be casting your ballot for other titles, but don’t have anything in that the last category.

The text ballot can be found here and simply needs to be filled-out and emailed to: harveyballots@hotmail.com

Thank you for all of your support, and best of luck to all potential nominees!

Sky Pirates Graphic Novel on the online store

hey there!  been pretty busy doing some new product design and illustration work, but I am taking a little break to tell you that I finally got some Sky Pirates graphic novels in!  They are now available on the ONLINE STORE.


The graphic novel is a collection of all five issues of the mini-series PLUS issue #0, recolored by Simon Bork! Oh yeah!

The price $17.99 and we ship everywhere. Enjoy and stay tuned for Sky Pirates news later this year … >_^


Anime Expo LA Recap

Hey Everyone,

We had such an awesome weekend at Anime Expo L.A. where we met so many friends!  It’s really great to meet Camilla’s fans and always so much fun to watch someone discover Camilla’s art for the very first time!

AnimeExpo 020

We couldn’t do it without help and we are so happy that Joanie, Diane and Sarah were able to hang out at our booth and help.  Thank you very much ladies!  Pictured here are Sarah, Nancy, Diane and Nancy and Joanie.

AnimeExpo 074 AnimeExpo 046

Things can get pretty crazy at conventions and we do sell out of merchandise – at about the same time that you run out of money so… we are happy to give you a 10% discount from the online store until next Friday, July 16.  Click here http://camilla.bigcartel.com/ and when you view your cart or are ready to check out use “ANIMEEXPO” as your discount code.  Thanks again to everyone who came out – you are the reason it was so much fun.

There are a lot more pictures to see at our Facebook Fan Page.  If  you find one of you, please tag yourself:  http://www.facebook.com/camilladerricoart#!/album.php?aid=194722&id=21947521602

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Comics, Covers & Anthologies

Lots of news in the comics realm to share, so let’s get started!

About a week ago, I posted on FB that I had put Tanpopo online for free! That’s right, I want everyone to see it, even if only digitally. Tanpopo is my series that weaves original literature and poetry into the story of Tanpopo, as she is goes in search of emotions, happiness and ultimately loved. Her companion on this journey is Kuro, who is none other than the devil in disguise. The series is loosely based on Goethe’s Faust, and the text in Volume 1 is from Faust.  Volume 2 is inspired by the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

tanpopo poster vertical

This week marks the release of the last issue in the Sky Pirates series! You get to find out whether the light crystal’s powers are stronger than the evil magnetism of the Forgotten Isle, and what happens to Billy and his friends.  You can read the preview here. I had a lot of fun drawing this series, and I hope everyone enjoyed it.   Here are a couple of recent interviews: one is by Newsarama and the other is by Comic Related.  Make sure you pick up your issues at your local comic book store!

Next up is a cover I worked on with Vancouver comic collective, Cloudscape Comics.  The cover is for an anthology called Exploded View and it has comics and stories from a lot of talented local Vancouver comic artists and writers. There is an excerpt and Pin Up of the cover for the BURN graphic novel, too!  Keep your eyes on my blog and FB for news on when the anthology will be published.

Exploded view Cover by Camilla d'Errico

And lastly, another cover! Yes, for Elephantmen. This will be on Elephantmen, issue 29, which is due out around APE (so much later this fall).  I love the Elephantmen series and am honored and excited about getting to do a cover!

ElephantmenCoverColVari copy

And of course, to answer the eternal question: will either of these covers come out as prints … the answer is …


More on that later …


Hi! Did everyone have a great Christmas?!  And did you celebrate the New Year with friends galore?!  Taking a short break to enjoy friends and family was just what I needed!

Let me tell you what the general plan is for 2010, because it is already jam-packed with comics, paintings, toys, conventions, and goodies.  We’ve changed the EVENTS CALENDAR on the website. You can now find it under the BLOG on the left as its own category.  Bookmark this site so you always know what’s coming up!  All the event info, and more is on the Fanpage too.

PAINTINGS – This year I’ve got a solo show in Rome, which opens June 5th.  The gallery is called Mondo Bizzarro and I’m going to be at the opening.  I’ll be painting an entire collection of Helmetgirls.  Between now and then there are a few other shows going on: the first is the HE MAN show at Gallery 1988 LA. This one opens on January 8th. I wish I could be there!  I’ve posted the work in progress shots here.  I’ve also got a few pieces for a special show at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, that opens February 13th, right as the Olympics take over the city.  The show is an all-Canadian, all-BC group with me, Peter Taylor, Ben Tour and Lani Imre.  I’m going to explore nature and culture a little more in depth with these paintings.


COMICS – Sky Pirates finishes with issue 5 in January. The series has been grueling to draw, but also fun. I’ve poured my heart and soul into it, and you can tell by the detail in the images. 2010 will be the year of Tanpopo 3 & 4, as well as some cover art coming for Elephantmen, Cloudscape, and of course, Little Red Riding Hood for Fractured Fables (Silverline).  I’m also working on a top secret graphic novel project that I hope to soon tell the world about!


CONVENTIONS: This year you’ll see me, Nancy and my merchandise all over the countries (Canada/US)! We’re hitting 15 conventions, including San Diego Comic Con with a booth in the dealer’s room! Oh yes, moving UP.  We’ve got a ton of great stuff coming, including the new line of clothing, a new postcard set from Last Gasp, new art cards and new prints, as well as something truly special – Jewelry! Stay tuned for more!

Picture 3

I’m looking forward to 2010, and all that it will bring. I especially look forward to meeting everyone that’s out there, and who supports me in everything I do.

All the best to you for 2010. It’s gonna be epic ^_^


Comics News, Previews and Sneak Peeks

Hi everyone!  I’m energized and excited (when am I not? lol). But this week has been full of news.  This time I want to share a bunch of comic related news.

First of all, Image Comics (Silverline) announced their Free Comic Book Day entry, and it is Fractured Fables.  The reason I’m so ecstatic is that I’m in it, I got to collaborate with Bryan Talbot on it, but even better is that our story leads off the 36-page comic!  And as if that weren’t enough, this is a preview of a bigger anthology that will come out later in the summer with an unreal list of big names contributing!  Read the announcement here.  And this is the first page of the story, Little Red Riding Hood.


And as if THAT weren’t enough … check out this trailer for the 2010 release of a new Grant Morrison Documentary http://www.grantmorrisonmovie.com/.

To end off this little blurb about comics, let me show you what I’m working on … the final issue of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Issue 5.  This is the cover, and also a few shots of the pages I’m working on now! Enjoy, enjoy, I’ve got a deadline to catch!




APE Con San Francisco!

Hi there,

The last convention of the year is finally here! Phew, what a whirlwind it’s been!  I just so happen to really love APE Con, and I’m stoked about getting to present issue 1 of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra published by Image Comics!

I’ll also have Tanpopo, Volume 1 & 2, which weren’t available last year at APE!  And guess what else I’ve got?? BURN Issue 6!! yessss, for everyone who hasn’t been able to get it, now will be your chance!

San Franciso … here I come!! See you all there 🙂