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Live Paintings!

Some old, some new …

I’ve escaped the city of Vancouver!  The madness is behind me, at least for this week coming up.  I was up at Cypress Mountain on Thursday, and I have to admit that it was a really amazing experience; I got to be a part of the Olympics, and it was special. I also got to watch some of the half pipe competition during my breaks. Seeing an Olympic sporting event live is something else!

For the painting itself, I got a big 8 foot panel to paint on, right at the foot of the venue’s finish.  The entire set of photos is on my Flickr page, and here are a few from the set:


… the canvas ….


… getting started ….


… the venue, the crowd …


… The Lifegiver …



If you’re wondering what the ‘old’ is, of the live painting photos, it is the Spectaction event from December!  At Spectaction I painted a new piece, plus I customized a Tanpopo giclee. More information about The Arts Benevolence League, and their spin on benefit events, check them out here.  This is a photo from the live paint, plus the entire set is on Flickr:


Spectaction Live Painting Tomorrow

The artists are set (including me), the performers are revving their engines, the venue is looking nice, and the DJ’s/musicians are just itching to put your holiday stress at ease. The night is going to be unreal!

Join me on Saturday, December 19th in Vancouver, for the first Spectaction benefit event!  The guys at the Arts Benevolence League have put together a line-up of art, music, theatre, dance … WOW!  I’ll be live painting, so come out and support a great cause: all proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society and Camp Goodtimes.

There is going to be a great ART SHOW  +  SILENT AUCTION  +  RAFFLE at the event on Saturday, there is an extensive selection of products available to purchase or to win!  We’ll be offering a wide variety of great gifts for your moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, significant others or even yourself!   There are over 50 prizes to be won in the raffle alone!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to scoop up some presents at a great deal! And remember, ALL THE PROCEEDS GO TO CAMP GOODTIMES!

I don’t know if there are tickets left, since at last check there were less than 20 (!!) but if you’re interested, go to SITKA STORE : 1864 West 4th Ave. and ask the guys there about tickets!

See you tomorrow and thanks for supporting such a great cause. It will be a Merry Christmas for a lot more kids this year.