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Spectrum 18 Artist List

The Spectrum Fantastic Art 18 List has been announced!  This is the full list.  Last year, Camilla was in the highly touted book for the first time in her career, and three of her pieces have been chosen for Spectrum 18. While we won’t spoil the surprise, we do want to give a shout out to some other artists and friends we know and love, and congratulate them (and all the artists) on their nomination:


Bobby Chiu

Kei Acedera

Frank Cho

Matt Dangler

Brian Despain

Eric Fortune

David Mack

Jim Mahfood

Kent Williams

and MANY more …

Speaking of  Bobby Chiu, remember the Tanpopo Drawing Camilla donated to the “Artists Help Japan” fundraiser in Toronto organized by Imaginism Studios?  It sold for over $400, and the event itself raised $20,000.  A tip of the hat to the entire organization and all the artists. To see the art, a video of the event and  more details, check out their  blog.  This is the image of the auctioned art piece:  Tanpopo Tricks!

Books, Magazines and Printed Matter

A whole post dedicated to the fine art of publishing and a whole smack of items to tell you about!

Let’s start with the announcement from SPECTRUM FANTASTIC ART, who published their list of artists selected for Spectrum 17.  And I’m in it! The Spectrum Compendium is one of the most respected and collected so I’m honored and excited about it. I’m also curious, because I applied to different categories.  Love surprises … !!


The next publication that I’ve been selected for, is from Spain’s Monsa Publishing and their book called SWEET ILLUSTRATION.  The artists were selected by Eva Minguet, who had put together the ‘Ultimate Illustration’ book last year.  The book is 192 pages, with art from some women who I admire and am proud to show with: Julie West, Mijne Shatje, Adolie Day, Kukula, and more.

Now, we jump over to Asia … man does this feel like a world tour … to tell you about Taiwan’s Dpi Magazine ‘The Variation of Comic Art and Animation’  special edition. I remember seeing Dpi at the Taipei Toy Festival in 2008 and thinking how I wanted to be part of their magazine. They are so well respected and followed in Asia. And here I am .. wow!

camilla post card set

Back to North America and onto products! Woo!  This is the post card set with Last Gasp Books, the great San Francisco company (btw happy 40th Anniversary!).  The sample sets have arrived and will soon be available for purchase.   For more information about the set, click HERE (lots of pretty pictures on that link!).   There are 30 post cards in a nifty fold-out tray. The packaging is beautiful and I’m proud to say the design was created in collaboration with  Timberkame‘.

Picture 3 burn_cover6

Lastly, with a hop back to Europe, this time to France, where I’ve got a whole bunch of new and beautiful fans (Je vous aime!!!!) to tell you about some posters available through BD Posters.  This is a French comics publisher who specializes in posters by comic artists. They have a selection of 8 posters, ranging from BURN, Nightmares & Fairytales, to Tanpopo and even The Fallen.

Whew! That was quite the tour, thanks for coming with me 🙂  and you can bet that as soon as the postcards are available, I’ll be back with an update.

Camilla ^_^