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Camilla’s Stan Lee pinup for Comikaze


Camilla’s getting geared up for Comikaze next weekend, September 15-16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. She’ll be in the Artist Alley at tables 1341-1440 all weekend to sign books, prints, and visit fans.


Camilla will be bringing many new Mini Prints with her, not available on the eStore, that we started teasing last week. Here’s another peek at some new prints;


Jovi's Antoinette is one of Camilla's most popular paintings, and is finally a Mini Print.
Jovi’s Antoinette, a long-awaited piece for many, is now a Mini Print!


Pom Pom Kitty Pie features a cast of cuddly Sanrio characters
Pom Pom Kitty Pie is now an 11×14″ Mini Print!

Find Camilla at Artist Alley tables 1341-1440 for these, and more, new Mini Prints.


Find Camilla at the Los Angeles Convention Center Dealer's Room Booths 1341-1440


Camilla has completed her new pinup for Stan Lee – Stan The Man himself sits in his very own OctoThrone atop a mountain of Marvel toy goodness. Scope out this beauty that will be available in print at ComiKaze 2012


Stan Lee's OctoThrone digital painting
Stan Lee’s OctoThrone


Questions or Comments about Comikaze? Hit us up at info@camilladerrico.com !

Camilla d’Errico at Stan Lee’s ComiKaze2012

Camilla d’Errico is headed back to Los Angeles! Saturday September 15 – Sunday 16th is Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Camilla is working on a special Stan Lee pinup- just look at the mountain of toys! He’s definitely looking dapper on his Camilla-esque OctoThrone. Click to Enlarge!


Mr. Stan Lee is looking very distinguished atop his mountain of Marvel toys.


Camilla will be in the Artist Alley at tables #1341-1440.


Find Camilla in the Artist Alley #1341-1440


New Prints at Comikaze!

Camilla has made some special new Mini Prints for conventions. She’ll have a full new lineup at Comikaze. Here’s a peek;


This is the cover for Richard Starking's Elephantmen GN 2011
Elephantmen 2011


This piece was published in Monsters & Dames artbook
Gargoyle Giggles


Camilla has room for 1 or 2 more Convention Sketches on her sketch commissions list- if you’re curious, hit us up at info@camilladerrico.com