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Customized Gibson Guitar for Art Assault

While we’re still preparing for the news and events of San Diego Comic-Con, this weekend the Taipei Toy Festival is in full-swing! At the convention, a one-of-a-kind Gibson guitar customized by Camilla d’Errico will be featured as part of the Art Assault – a worldwide traveling event started in Miami that exhibits the work of unique artists in tattoo shops and other alternative locations. Along with Camilla d’Errico, contributing artists include musician and Yo Gaba Gaba! creator Christian Jacobs, Academy-Award Winner Jeff Bridges, pop-culture artist Ashley Wood, and others. Art Assault will continue its tour across the United States in the coming months, so look for more news soon!

The guitar is single cut, solid mahogany Gibson Kramer Assault 211 FR with an ebony fringerboard, maple top, and Alnico V pickups – ROCK & ROLL! You can see the work-in-progress from an earlier blog post we teased.

Feel free to share the photos with friends, and click on any of the images to see a bigger view. Ciao! ^_^