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Taking Tanpopo To The People

Hi everyone,

Over the past 8 months you’ve probably noticed that 9 times of 10 when you hear about Camilla, you’ve heard about Tanpopo too!

Tanpopo is Camilla’s passion project: a 10 issue series about Tanpopo and her companion, Kuro (the devil!). But did you know that the original Tanpopo, which Camilla self-published in 2007 was only 20 pages and was never meant to expand into a series? Well, the power of positive response pushed Camilla to rethink and recreate the ending to Tanpopo, and open a whole new and exciting world.

The response has been overwhelming! You LOVE Tanpopo, and we’ve already almost sold out of Issue 1 since getting the copies in February. You’ve nabbed the Kuro plushies, and all limited edition clothing too J. Since jumping into Tanpopo with both feet, and judging by the love we’re getting, we’ve realized that it is time to get organized and to expand!

So … we’ll be launching a Tanpopo website in 2010, which will have lots of great content, including free webcomic versions of the Tanpopo books. For now, you can find a landing page for the site on www.camilladerrico.com/tanpopo or by typing http://www.tanpopoandkuro.com.

Since all this great, positive karma has been thanks to the fans, we created a Tanpopo Fanpage on Facebook just for you! . Join the fanpage to stay current on all the new merchandise, clothing, books, events, and convention schedule! And remember to sign up to Camilla’s fanpage, http://www.facebook.com/camilladerricoart.

We’re going to have tons of fun stuff to look forward to, including an upcoming contest where your creativity will get you the chance to win big – and we mean BIG KURO!

For now, we’d love it if you could join the fan page, post some of your fan photos, and also join the discussion about what you’d like to see on the new Tanpopo website! We really value your input and your support. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=10907&uid=137225452130

A great big THANK YOU and we can’t wait to share even more with you soon!

Camilla & The Tanpopo Team