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Strychnin Ceramics – The Camilla d’Errico collection

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I shared photos that were taken during the opening of the Strychnin Gallery’s Mad Potter Tea Party in Berlin. I’ve got some good and proper photos now of each of my pieces! And remember – these are limited edition of 10 ONLY.

Pricing info:

10″plate = 120 euro

Teacup & Saucer = 120 euro
Teapot small = 150 euro

for purchase inquiries, please email the gallery.




Strychnin Gallery Friday Show

The Strychnin Gallery in Berlin is hosting a really cool show tomorrow, Friday the 4th!  In collaboration with The New English – a company that is revolutionizing ceramics and taking your grandma’s pottery and making it hot and modern, the gallery is putting on a show called The Mad Potter’s Show.

Over 100 artists, including me, contributed designs for limited edition series of cups, plates, saucers, tea pots, and even vases.

mad potter flyerflyer_back

Here’s a little sneak of a couple of my limited edition mock-ups (real photos after the weekend):

Camilla_NE_Dinner Plate


Mocha-special-derrico no guilding

Anyone going to the show other than my lucky sister AdaPia?!  Well, at least she gets to see all the awesome items in person.  Photos pls!! ^_^