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Beauty In The Breakdown 28.02.2015

Beauty in the Breakdown_back

Beauty In The Breakdown opens February 28th at Thinkspace Gallery, and celebrates Camilla’s 10th anniversary as an independent fine artist! Camilla has been preparing a new collection of paintings, many of which push the surreal envelope farther than she has before.

Fine Art Prints

KittyTitties (2) (1)

“Kitty Titties” will be available as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print at Opening Reception, 6pm-9pm at Thinkspace Gallery. Prints will be a signed & numbered edition of 50pcs only, silkscreened with gold detailing. More details coming soon.

Camilla is creating 15 paintings, and a handful of framed graphite drawings, for Beauty In The Breakdown. Have you subscribed to Camilla’s newsletter for previews of paintings and new products & promotions? Sign up here.


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Stay tuned to Camilla’s instagram @camilladerrico and Facebook for new work-in-progress and painting images. Sign up to Camilla’s newsletter here for exhibition announcements, including prints, promotions and gift offers.

New Painting For Thinkspace Scope Miami


Camilla has a new black & white acrylic painting, titled “Furbee”, completed for Thinkspace Galley’s Scope Miami showing opening December 2nd, 2014. If you attend Thinkspace Scope Miami, check out Thinkspace’s booth B03 for amazing artworks. Serious purchase inquiries may be emailed to contact@thinkspacegallery.com

“Furbee” is a 10×10″ acrylic painting on wood panel.  It looks like a drawing, doesn’t it? Camilla’s Black & White paintings are all brush-painted by hand with a liner or script brush.

Loki loves "helping" Camilla paint!
Loki loves “helping” Camilla paint!


Original Artwork at Thinkspace LA Art Show


Camilla’s original painting “Sun Dutchess” is available and on display this weekend, January 17-19, in the LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Find Sun Dutchess and many amazing artworks at Thinkspace Gallery‘s Booth#1226.
View the online availability here and email contact@thinkspacegallery.com for purchase info.


New Painting at Thinkspace Gallery

On Friday Thinkspace will be celebrating 5 years of being one of LA’s coolest contemporary galleries, and they are opening a group show with 48 artists that represent their past, present and future.  The show is simply called the V Year Anniversary Show.


This is my painting, called “Where the Wild Things Squirm”.  It’s Helmetgirl and tentacle goodness!  It’s 16 x 20, oils on wood panel, and framed. Interested in buying the original? Email Andrew Hosner: contact@sourharvest.com.  For this show, Thinkspace interviewed all the artists with 5 questions, and mine are here.


’5 Years / 5 Questions’ with Camilla d’Errico

What were you doing back in 2005 when Thinkspace started?
I was studying Illustration and Graphic Design at Capilano College in Vancouver, BC. Living for the first time away from my family and friends hatching a new path for myself. I started showing in galleries and found my passion in art.

Name 5 things you can’t live without in your studio?

Music. My Mac. Anime figures. Grapes. Art books and manga.

Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?
Hopefully my series Helmetgirls will be in full swing and I’ll be drawing that feverishly, along with Tanpopo and a whole world of figures and possibly producing my first anime. In five years from now I also hope to be living 4 months of the year in South East Asia in a remote little village, painting the days away, creating paintings that really re-inspire me!

What have you got coming up in 2011?

The release of my art book published by Dark Horse Deluxe and a toy line. I’ll be illustrating a fantasy graphic novel with a French publisher and a comic book for Spanish singer Monica Naranjo. As for paintings I’ll be doing a few very select group shows and working on a new body of paintings for Opera Gallery in New York.


I won’t be at the opening, but would highly recommend to anyone to go to this show if you can!


Thinkspace Show Opens Tomorrow

The highly anticipated Vain Remains gallery show featuring Camilla d’Errico and Caia Koopman opens tomorrow! Friday, September 11th, at Thinkspace Gallery in Santa Monica.  The official press release can be found here.

Ok enough writing in the ‘third person’!  I have painted my life out for these pieces and I know a lot of people have been wondering, waiting to see the ‘new direction’ and ‘totally different’ paintings that I’ve been hinting at.  I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone who comes out tomorrow.  The pening reception is from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Caia will also be there.  We’ve worked on a really funky installation; walls adorned with antlers and sketches that will be for sale.

I am hot off the heels of a whirlwind summer convention tour including San Diego comic con and Singapore comic con, but I must say that I am proud to present 11 new pieces which explore nature in all it’s phases, and the circle of life. They nearly killed me, so I guess it’s poetic justice.

A full preview is available on the Thinkspace site. To ask questions or to purchase a piece, please email: contact@sourharvest.com.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the new paintings. I hope you enjoy them because they hold a very special and deep meaning for me, part of a phase of my life that has enriched me greatly.  And I look forward to hearing from everyone what meanings you all find, in these girls’ eyes.