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Sky Pirates Graphic Novel

Sky Pirates Trade PaperBack


Hello! I’m very proud and excited to announce that Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, the graphic novel will be out soon!  This is the collected edition of the 5 issues of the story of Billy Boom Boom, the brash and bold glidewing pilot out to save Neo Terra from the clutches of the Pirate King (and the sinister Witch Queen behind it all).  The story is fun, entertaining, full of action and comedy.  It’s a great read for kids, teens and adults.


What are you waiting for?! Go to your local comic book store and pre-order so you can get your copy right away.


I won’t have any at New York Comic Con or at APE so pre-ordering is your only chance to pick up the book.  This was one of my favorite projects to work on, and have to thank writer Josh Wagner, creator Sean Megaw and the colorists Simon Bork and Patipat Asavasena for their awesome teamwork.

As always, thanks for everyone’s support and enthusiasm for my work. I can’t wait to share my next comic project with the world!

BURN Trade Paperback Available Online


Hi Everyone !!

There are lots of exciting things happening over here at the online store.  Several large boxes arrived this week.  It’s like Christmas around here ^_^  I can’t wait to share my surprises!!

For now, I wanted to make sure that you have ordered your copy of Camilla’s BURN Graphic Novel.  This is a  project straight from Camilla’s heart.  BURN is her first creator owned series and she started it while she was college.  We are happy to share the good news that BURN is now available as a trade paperback which is Camilla’s collection of BURN comic books, reprinted in book format and 160 pages long.  http://camilla.bigcartel.com/product/burn-graphic-novel

And don’t forget to order your Print of the Month “Little Pink Ink Monsters” http://camilla.bigcartel.com/product/little-pink-ink-monsters


That’s it for now…take care!!


P.S.    The story of Burn….

Burn was once human.  He also had a family and friends, until a metallic angel of death took everythng from him.  THis mechanical monster, Shoftiel, was one of many living machines made to help humanity that revolted and declared war on their creators.  It tore through Burn’s home and wreaked havoc on his city until the buidings collapsed, crashing down upon them.

Emerging from the rubble, Burn and Shoftiel discover their once separate bodies have become one — neither human nor machine, but a freak union of both.  Internally their minds are caught in a raging battle for control.  Just as mankind must struggle against the sentients for survival, Burn must find the strength to overcome Shoftiel’s genocidal programming to retain whatever’s left of his humanity.