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San Diego Comic-Con Announcements


Like Christmas for nerds, geeks, and fans, San Diego Comic-Con is back again! Okay, there’s a lot of different things going on this year, so get ready for an information overload. First things first, come say hello if you’re attending! We’ll be set up at booth 4723, on the corner right across from the toy section.

Next, as promised, there are three, brand-new Kuro vinyls. Aren’t they cute?!


The glowing blueberry version (yes, it really glows-in-the-dark!), will be a 2011 SDCC exclusive ($59.99), however the regular Kuro ($29.99) and DIY version ($25.99) will be available through our mailing list, provided supplies still last. Each Kuro purchased at SDCC will also come with an exclusive collectible card from Camilla! If you would like a customized DIY Kuro ($25.99 + $25), please email cderricostore [at] gmail [dot] com; only a few will be available, and must be picked up at booth 4723, where Camilla will be working on the collector items, autographing books, and meeting fans.


If you’ve ever attended a show with Camilla, you probably seen her working on sketches like the ones below:

Emerald City Comic Con


Calgary Comic Expo

Because the demand for sketches has been so high, we are opening up pre-orders for only 15 sketches this year at San Diego Comic-Con. Sketches must be pre-paid and picked up at booth 4723 during the convention. All sketches come on 9 x 12 art paper. Single character sketches start at $100, and multi-character sketches start at $150. Please email cderricostore [at] gmail [dot] com to arrange a one-of-a-kind piece of original art. Similarly, if you would like to arrange to pick up one of only a few of 100-limited-edition Black Rabbit Kaleidoscope fine art prints, please email to schedule receiving the certificate of authenticity as well.

Those are the big announcements for those looking to pick up something special at San Diego Comic-Con, but there is much more going on as well. Camilla’s “Wireseat” is the cover to the 2011 SDCC Color Ink Book, and an alternative cover to the Grant Morrison documentary ‘Talking with Gods’ by Camilla will also be available! Just click the links for more information.

In addition to being nominated for an Eisner Award, it’s a privilege for Camilla to be a part of TFAW’s CBLDF Auction and has created two pieces – Catwoman & Phoenix, look for more details about how you can bid on the unreleased original art in the coming days. For participating in the auction, TFAW has been kind enough to pledge 500 limited-edition cards that feature Camilla’s piece that can be picked up at booth 4723! Want to know what the original looks like? Here’s a hint – the image is very well known in the comic community. >_^

Since we’re letting some secrets slips, here’s a couple more – fans of Tanpopo are going to get a huge gift in about one month from now, and fans of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra will have a new, online game to play soon. Okay! That’s all the secrets for now!


Ultra Limited Hamburger Disco T-Shirts Available


Lots of fun news this week! There’s been a lot going on, so this blog post is sort of an update about all the different things that have been happening this month. Might be a good link to share with people since there’s so much info. >_^

To start, there are some brand new t-shirts available in the online store, from this year’s exclusive Hamburger Disco event in Vancouver, B.C., that won’t be around for long. “While supplies last,” isn’t even the phase for it; there are some designs that only have one shirt available. And yes, there are guy-sizes! Starting today, for one week, the shirts will be on-sale for $30! After that, the shirts will be $35, which may seem pricey for a t-shirt, but there really are only a handful left of the entire series.

(Speaking of things going fast, there are still other shirts available, along with the last of the art prints!)

It’s also exciting to report that there are some Transmetropolitan Art Books available to order on the CBLDF website! There are only a few available, not exactly sure of the exact number, since they were originally only going to be sold through pre-orders on the Kickstarter fundraiser, but it looks like at least a handful are up for grabs.

Wanna see a sneak peak?!


Here’s a photo of the book taken from the staff at ComicVine, who were important in project, and also cool.

transmet poster

Here’s a sketch version you might have seen before, and below is a video of the piece coming together.

There’s a longer version on the Vimeo channel, along with other videos of works in progress!

And without further ado, the final image seen in the Transmetropolitan art collection:

camilla transmet

There are so many amazing artists in the book, including, but certainly not limited to, people like Aaron Diaz, Molly Crabapple, Dan Goldman, Lucas Ketner, Tim Seeley, Dean Motter, Milo Manara, Bryan Talbot, and of course, Darick Robertson. If you’re not familiar with any of these artists, please give them a look! And if you’re not familiar with Transmetropolitan, DC Comics has a free PDF download of the first issue – a must read.

Coming this summer, there will be a new online store, new art prints, an online game that will be revealed soon, a new book project that’s super secret, a new exclusive figure, more about Helmetgirls and Tanpopo, and, well, just more!

If you’re not already signed-up, please register for the email newsletter. This month, we’re going to be running some special incentives for fans, asking some questions and rewarding people for their time. So, sign up today and look for a note in your inbox soon!

Thanks for everything, as always. Here’s another look at the super rare Hamburger Disco t-shirts, on-sale now. Just click to be redirected to the online store:

Stumptown Photos & Hamburger Disco Video

If you made it out to Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon – thanks for coming by the booth! Sorry prints and other items weren’t available, but we’re still having our Print-A-Poolza sale if there’s a piece of art you’d like to have in your life.


The new Art Book was a smash!


Camilla-inspired helmet from an Alter Egos Society costume.


Molly Crabapple created an awesome piece at her booth over the course of two days!

As usual, click on any images above to see larger versions. In other news, you probably saw the recent announcement about the collaboration with Hamburger Disco this Friday, which will feature six brand new t-shirts! There’s a Facebook event you can RSVP to if you’re in the Vancouver area, and there is even a video you can watch. Look for images of the new shirts soon!

New Helmetgirls Collection at Hot Topic

They are here!  And although it may be too late for Christmas shopping (but not really for the last minute shoppers), these can for sure be your first buys on Boxing Day!

I’ll send out another update next week, but make sure you check these out because they are seriously AWESOME!!!  And you can get them all on Hot Topic ONLINE. These are online only and maybe hitting HT stores in Canada in the New Year.


Glass Butterflies Hot Topic Tee

Janus Hot Topic Tee

Lollipop Pia Hot Topic Tee


Strawberry Crows Hot Topic Tee

Helmetgirls are taking over everyone! This is so exciting for me because there will be tons more Helmetgirls news throughout 2011!  You’ve told me how much you love them, and I’m going all out!  Thanks for the inspiration!

And happy Helmetgirls shopping!

<3 Camilla

Clothing For the Party

Hello, hello!  Last night I was busy painting murals and giant 48×72″ canvases for the install of the Winter Release Party show at Ayden Gallery.  Here’s a work in progress – literally of me working – on one of the canvases.  The other one will be kept a suprise until Friday night ^_^ since it is a brand new image, never before seen from the depths of my mind!


Riding WIP


This is Rocket Ride!  And she is also the subject of one of the t-shirt designs that are especially for the party!  Here are some lame-o mock-ups, which will have to do for now because we’ve all been running around like mad getting ready for the party.  So excuse the Photoshop, but you get the picture!


And since one design is never enough, I wanted to get a little inverse action happening on a recent Internet favorite – Croc-o-Hug, so this is what we’ll have for guys and girls!


Crocohug tee inverse.

The bestest part of the night will be the CUSTOM T-SHIRT action! I’ll customize, right at the party, 20 t-shirts.  So if you want one you have be quick to get there. Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Custom tees are $50 and the printed tees are $40.  Tomorrow morning I’ll post the last update!  Tonight is final set-up and finishing touches. Remember: Adyen Gallery. Tomorrow. Fun!




Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all having an amazing summer.  Camilla’s Crew has been extra busy this summer with a crazy CON season.  We’ve just done Anime Expo LA, San Diego Comic Con and Anime Evolution in Vancouver.  Lots of people were wearing clothing by Camilla!  Check out our online store for available t-shirts here: http://camilla.bigcartel.com/category/clothing Also wanted to let you know that as a special thank you to all the amazing fans we saw over the weekend… we invite you to shop online and save.  Just input the CODE:  AE and you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT!  Thank you!

DSCN4643 DSCN4642

To check out all the aweome pictures, check out our Facebook Fanpage here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5235815&id=863360471&ref=fbx_album#!/camilladerricoart?ref=ts or at Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40669587@N04/ Next up is Fan Expo Toronto and Dragon Con – we are hoping to see an army of Helmetgirls.

tanpopo_3_cover sneak-peek-T3-3 sneak-peek-T3-7

YES IT”S TRUE!!! We have the most exciting news to share.  TANPOPO VOLUME  3 is now available on our online store here:http://camilla.bigcartel.com/product/tanpopo-volume-3

“Devils and Foxes” and other tales from the collection, “Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio” inspire Tanpopo Volume 3.  In this 50 page volume, Kuro’s efforts for Tanpopo to experience sadness intensify, and too does his wickedness.  An old woman, wary of the devil-boy, takes Tanpopo in, showing her kindness and affection.  Get yours today to find out what happens…the third in the 10-part series about Tanpopo and Kuro, will surely touch your emotions.

Talk to you soon,


Calgary Expo Update & Pics


Hey Everyone!

We had a great time this past weekend for Camilla’s first ever visit to Calgary.  It was also our first appearance at Calgary Expo and we were treated very well as Special Guests – thanks so much to the organizers for inviting us.  Check out our booth – can you see the handbags, charm bracelets, art cards, wallets, buttons, BURN graphic novel, etc. ?

Calgary 005

You can definitely see us from a distance which is very important when more than 10,000 people converge into one room ^_^  We had so much fun meeting so many great people.  This little girl fell in love with Specter Plush and just had to have him… what a little sweetheart!

Calgary 012

Conventions are a lot of fun and it’s great to be able to take home your merchandise right away, but remember that you can always order online at http://camilla.bigcartel.com/.

That reminds me!  We are almost at the end of April so that means you only have one more day to save on our Feature Print of the Month “Frenemies”.  A lot of you LOVE this one and have ordered it.  Did you notice it was also featured on the back cover of our journal?


Wow – we had an awesome April!  We rocked Wonder Con, Sakura Con and Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and got to meet so many of you!  We also helped make Bailey’s 21st birthday a little more special all the way over in Australia.  Cheers to Bailey and family! And we sent out a ton of orders from our online store… to fans around the world.  Thank you all for your love and support.  I can’t wait to see what May brings our way!

To see more pictures, please check out Flickr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/ or our Facebook Fan Page.

Take care,

Nancy <3

Party Round Up and Some Sweet Reviews

I want to thank everyone who came out to the party on Friday night, and especially to everyone who helped make it a reality! From the clothing (MJ, Tomoha, my models), to the party organization (Pablo, El Kartel crew), to the press (Alan, Maggie et all the bloggers) … it was a fantastic night.

Of course, I didn’t have my camera as I’m terrible with these things, and dear Nancy, who is go-to girl for all my events, couldn’t make it out.  So if anyone has photos, can you send them through to my email?  I do have one picture, which came with a nice article by Vancouver Sun’s Arts & Entertainment Editor, Maggie Langrick on her Been There, Done That blog.  Read her review here.

The guys from Vancouver’s JustalilHYPE Magazine have published their article too!  They were at my place during the model shoot, so some of the photos in the article are behind the scenes shots.  I have to give kudos to photographer Agnon Wong for the pics, because I love how expressive and sweet they came out.  Read the full article here. Alan left no stone unturned in this interview!

We’ve been really busy with the online store as well, and the clothing has been a big hit.  Check out this fab (I love that British term!) review by UK’s inimitable tshirt review site BUY TEES.  Paul Baines makes me jealous with his awesome style, and also ecstatic about the compliments.  Pre-Raphaelite is a term he used … lovin’ it!!  Read the review here, and do make comments and spread the word! My clothing line is making the rounds across the pond!

That’s it for me, for now!  Thanks again to everyone. Much love from this happy girl,


Tanpopo Clothing Release Tomorrow !

It is the Friday before the party, everyone’s getting ready, the plushies and books have been delivered, the clothing has been printed, the giclees too! Tomorrow we set up. Phew! So much work, but so much fun!

And here are pics of some of the clothing … not all … just a taster!

Here is all the information you need to get to the Ayden for the party:

Camilla d’Errico TANPOPO Clothing Release Party!
One Night only – July 18, 2009 7pm to 11pm


88 West Pender St

2nd floor

International Village(Tinseltown)

Vancouver, BC





And don’t forget, I will be LIVE PAINTING the first 5 Tanpopo giclees!!