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Fans and Newsletters

We’ve reached 10,000 likes/fans on Facebook!  What a milestone, what a journey!  I can’t believe it. I’m so excited, and I just had to share it and say THANK YOU.   I try to be active “everywhere” – like Twitter and Deviantart and Facebook and this blog and answering emails. It isn’t easy so I appreciate your patience if it takes me a bit to get back to you or if I’m not constantly “on”.  If I were … well … I wouldn’t be able to create art ^_^


One thing we’ve come up with – that would be me, AdaPia and Bot, aka “The Girls” of d’Errico Studios is to create a monthly newsletter that goes to your inbox. It’s different from the blog. This is going to be like a real newsletter, where we tell you about what’s going on with links you can follow to see it all. So if you missed something, you’ll get it in the newsletter, and if you don’t want to miss something, we’ll be previewing things to come.


And that’s a different newsletter than the Product and Promotions newsletter – that one is just for online store and merch and promo related news. That one will also be a monthly newsletter from now on.  Of course we may send out rare, super special newsletters when we have something so terribly exciting to say that we can’t wait until the “official newsletter” comes out.


So there’s really no way you can’t know what’s going on anymore! I’m also “on” Flickr, Deviantart, Youtube, Planet Illogica, and Behance.  As always, spread the news and share my art — I love making new fans and friends!


PS – if you want to get inside or behind the scenes about how we’re doing what we’re doing, AdaPia – my super sister – started a Tumblr where she’ll be sharing snippets of useful info about what goes on inside that Mountainhead of hers, and how we’re powering forward with all our projects.

Fall News

Hey!  I’m home. Convention season is winding down – only 2 more to go in October, and I can finally settle back into my studio and do some serious, uninterrupted work. Kinda … with so many super cool projects and releases coming up it’s hard to concentrate on the daily art – only because it’s exciting!


First of all, for those who missed Fan Expo Toronto and Dragon Con, I’ve posted photos to Flickr!  There are lots of photos of cosplayers dressed as helmetgirls … and a Helmet boy!!! The two conventions were awesome. I swear Toronto felt like San Diego Comic Con!

Then Dragon Con, I was in artist alley along with SO MANY of the most amazing contemporary cool artists like Glenn Barr, The Beast Brothers, Joe Capobianco, Dan May, Greg Simkins, Jason Limon, Brian Despain, Bobby Chui, Travis Louie, Kathie Olivas, and Brandt Peters. The amount of talent in that room was breathtaking and inspiring!



I WILL BE BACK AT BOTH OF THOSE CONVENTIONS IN 2011.  In fact, we’re polling people right now to tell us which conventions you want me to be at in 2011. I can’t go to all of them personally, but I will have a booth at 15 or more cons.  All suggestions are welcome and you can answer here.


Also we are in the middle of moving/restructuring the online store.  I’m sorry for the delays in shipping out packages and thanks to those who have placed orders.  We’ll be contacting you individually when your package has been shipped.

With Fall here, we’ll be getting ready for winter and Christmas, which means new merchandise including hand-made JEWELRY … AND a new party in Vancouver.  More news soon, but please SAVE THE DATE for December 10th.  The party will be at The Ayden Gallery!  Special guest host: Buddha Kuro.


Lastly, we have tallied votes on the FINE ART PRINTS, and it was really close!  But in the end, the first print to come out will be Canadian Tiger.   This special launch will officially be September 30th (that’s my Bday so I thought it would make it even more special) and will kick off my fine art print releases.

Canadian Tiger

This is how it works:

Print Edition = 100

Size = 18 x 24 (image size 16 x 22)

Price = $100

Each print will be hand-signed and numbered and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

We are also looking at offering the prints pre-framed. If this is an option that interests anyone, please let me know! You can  reply to this blog post or write to me at cderricoinfo@gmail.com.


Camilla <3