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The Lifegiver Live Painted Piece Now On Auction

The LIFEGIVER is the live painted piece I did during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games up at Cypress Mountain and the Vancouver Games Committee has put the piece up for bid (on Ebay of all places but hey, whatever works!).  They very kindly put a bunch of info up on the bid, which you can find HERE.   The actual painting is at The Ayden Gallery: 88 West Pender Street.

The painting is a 7 x 8 foot doorskin that I painted with acrylics.

What’s the Story?

THE LIFEGIVER is a Helmetgirl that literally gives life to these little robots by taking the butterflies that are generated in her glass dome helmet and putting one single butterfly in each little robot. When the butterfly is safely in the robot’s head, he comes to life. And there you have it: THE LIFEGIVER.

I have to say … I had such an amazing time painting this! I was completely energized by the crowd, the athletes, the atmosphere, and the huge panel to work on. I can’t wait to do another live painting show on a huge canvas.  And to whoever buys this, pls let me know! I’d love to see photos of it in its new home.

**** NOTE: there is a discoloration between two panels 🙁  It isn’t that bad, apparently, but it’s still noticeable.

So here is the LINK to the Ebay auction – and remember that money goes to charity!

<3 Camilla