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Sky Pirates of Neo Terra Online Game Beta Access For Fans

News of the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra video game has been circulating for months — the announcement of the webcomic was on Robot 6, screenshots of the game play were seen on Comic Book Resources and The Escapist Magazine, and most recently, news of beta access for fans and a brand-new webcomic was seen on ComicsAlliance.

If you haven’t signed-up already, click here to be subscribed to the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra email newsletter, let them know you heard about the news from this blog, and you’ll be entered into the special beta access of the game!

There are already four back-story webcomics available to read online for free, and more are on the way! Plus, the first two issues of the original series are available to read for free on the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra Facebook page!

Thanks for reading! Hope you love the game! If you want to purchase the original series, it’s available in the online store, both as single issues and a collected graphic novel.

‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’ To Be Facebook and iPhone Game

You may have seen news of the announcement on The Escapist and CBR, but it’s official – Day 21 Studios, a veteran run, independent video game studio, is announcing the launch of their debut title Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Designed for gamers ages 10 and up, Sky Pirates offers real-time online multiplayer racing, the first of its kind on Facebook.

An original game by Day 21 Studios with character designs by comic and pop surrealism artist, Camilla d’Errico, Sky Pirates’ unique visual style and thrilling racing offers gaming audiences a different kind of experience with their friends on Facebook than the typical Farm builder.

Sky Pirates takes place in the original setting of Neo Terra, a wondrous world with a rich backstory, forgotten technology and natural magic. The most popular sport in the land is Glidewing racing, which culminates in a Great Race in the valley of Neo Eden. Winning five consecutive Great Races earns the victor the right to name the leader of the Great Tribal Council. This year’s upcoming race has the cruel Pirate King poised for just that honor, one that could throw this peaceful world into turmoil.

Players get to choose their racers and Glidewings from any of the 14 tribes of Neo Terra or customize their own in order to best the Pirate King and five of their friends on over a dozen unique courses in this high-flying aerial racer.

To see more screenshots of the game, along with concept art and more, head over the Sky Pirates Facebook page. And to pre-register for the game’s launch, which automatically enters you in a contest for a chance to win one of five original pages from the graphic novel, please visit the Sky Pirates website.

Tomb Raider 15 Year Celebration – “The Depths”

It’s hard to believe, but the popular video game Tomb Raider is turning 15 this year! To celebrate the occasion, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have commissioned eight special works of the game’s main character, Lara Croft. Through out October, every Monday and Friday, a new work will be featured on the Tomb Raider art page for anyone to enjoy!

The first artist to be unveiled was Andy Park, an incredibly talented creator who was a comic book cover artists before becoming a video game developer on titles like God of War. Check out his contribution below:

We’re proud to announce that Camilla has been one of the very select eight artists chosen! It’s amazing news to be a part of the campaign, and hopefully we’ll see more video game creations from Camilla in future! The Camilla d’Errico original piece of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is titled “The Depths” – please enjoy:

Visit the Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary page to use “The Depth” as your desktop background!