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Only One Week Left for ‘Tanpopo’ Kickstarter

Thank you all, again, so much for helping us reach the goal of funding the Tanpopo Kickstarter campaign! If you haven’t watched it yet, please check out this video from Camilla where she talks about what will happen with the extra funds.

With only a week left, and after releasing the numbered and signed print image, we wanted to show fans the new cover of Tanpopo that will be available in March of 2012. The hardcover edition of the book will collect Vol. 1 – 3, as well as some terrific bonus material.

And because we’re feeling so happy, we thought we’d show you the special, limited edition slipcase image! The image is currently only in black and white, but we wanted to make sure everyone knows that the limited edition of the book (starting at only $50) will not be available in stores – this very unique copy of Tanpopo is only for Kickstarter funders.

There are still a few open spots open on the Kickstarter page for fans to purchase an original line-art page from Tanpopo, but only a handful. Other tiers have sold-out, however, there are still plenty of limited edition books available, but only for one more week!

And while we have your attention, don’t forget that the Granimator Contest ends at the end of October! Plus, in case you missed the news, we announced the guest artist line-up for Helmetgirls: Origins, and keep an eye on more developments of the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra video game – coming soon!

Grant Morrison Documentary ‘Talking with Gods’ – Alternative Cover

It’s so exciting to finally release the alternate cover image to the Grant Morrison documentary ‘Talking with Gods’ to all the fans online! We teased a picture of the cover as a work-in-progress a couple of weeks ago, but now you can see the final image below!

The image has already been making its way around the Internet, covered on awesome blogs like Super Punch and Dangerous Minds, and featured in the excellent interview with Camilla on the pop-culture website Guttersnipe.

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con, the alternative cover edition of the DVD will be available at the Halo-8 booth (M-03) in the Small Press area, and you can find Camilla at booth 4723.


“I was really excited to have Camilla do this cover, and it turned out better than I could have imagined. This is the perfect representation of Grant’s mind.” -‘Talking with Gods’ director Patrick Meaney

Wednesday Work In Progress – New Poster

Hope you’re getting used to seeing new previews of upcoming art on Wednesdays! You can check back each week to see sketches, works-in-progress, sneak-peeks, and more. Ok. Ok. Most Wednesdays. It gets busy, you know. ^_^

Here’s this week’s piece, it’s going to a be a Helmetgirls poster soon! Just click on the image to see a larger size, and feel free to share with friends, but please link back to this site or given appropriate credit, please and thanks.


Once again, thanks for all of your feedback on the Facebook page. You all really like contests, huh? Good! Here’s another one, it’s easy. Just answer one of the questions below by commenting on this blog. One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday, June 3rd and be sent their choice of one the following prints which will soon be gone forever: Convoluted LoveTickle MonsterSorceressFruit FuzzJerrel’s BirthdayGlow Friends, and the Neil Gaiman Collab: Angry Universe. Good luck!

“What do you think this poster will be titled?”

“What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

Wednesday Work In Progress – Kittens and Ice Cream

A cute store on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, California called JapanLA is having its 5th Year Anniversary Party, and an original Camilla d’Errico will be on display! The opening of the art show kicks-off on Saturday, June 4th at 7:00pm. You can RSVP on Facebook to invite friends, and so you don’t forget. ^_^

Here’s a quick look at the piece that will be on display in the store for the celebration:


There will be lots of other cool stuff going on at the store that night, so if you live in Los Angeles, be sure to check out the party. Click on the flyer below for a larger view of more details – it has cats on it!


And don’t forget, we’re still running a special contest on Facebook where you can win one of five great Tanpopo prize packages!

Wednesday Sketch – New Elephantmen Cover

You probably remember the cover to ‘Elephantmen’ #29 from last year, the print of which is on-sale now for only $20 as part of our Print-A-Poolza event. It’s exciting to reveil that another is on the way! Here’s a collage of concepts for the brand new ‘Elephantmen’ cover that will be coming out soon. Which one of these is your favorite?


(Click for a larger view.)

Wednesday Sketch – Unreleased Tanpopo Project

Another sketch for another Wednesday! Hope you’ve been enjoying them!

This week’s sneak-peek is from a yet-to-be-released ‘Tanpopo’ project, details of which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.


Simply click on the image if you would like to see a larger version of the sketch above, and of course feel free to share the image with friends. Don’t forget about the special Print-A-Poolza Sale! The last of the 12 x 18 art prints are now selling-out at only $20 a piece, and it’d be a shame if everyone didn’t get a chance to order one that wanted to do so.

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra Have Landed!

September 30th is not only an eventful day because *ahem* I turn … ha ha!  I’ll never tell!  But yes, the 30th IS my birthday and I’m going to treat myself to a nice weekend away, after making a flash appearance at V-Con on Friday.  V-Con is a comic book convention held in Vancouver.

Why is the 30th so extra special this year? Because it is a Wednesday and we all know that it means that new comic books hit stores.  Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, Issue 1, published by Image Comics, written by Josh Wagner, created by Sean Megaw, and drawn by ME, hits stores!!!!!

We’ve been working with the most amazing team – Josh, Simon Bork (colorist), Ed Brisson (letters) and Tim Daniel (packaging). It is energizing and exciting and we’ve got a nice flow going amongst us.  We’re well underway with issue 3 right now, for the series of 5.

I’d highly suggest you hit comic book stores to pick this up — Sky Pirates is based on the Nintendo DS and Wii game that is releasing worldwide in Spring 2010.  The artwork for the entire game is also ‘of my hand’ and I’m very proud to be a part of such a fantastic property!  Ben 10 who????  Watch out now, we’re taking over!

Check out the website for the game – Sky Pirates of Neo Terra.  And of course, buy the comic!!!!!