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New Painting In Progress

Camilla is working on a new painting commemorating a special occasion- Camilla is getting married! Camilla and her finance are working on a painting collaboratively to celebrate their upcoming wedding. We can see so far there’s a female and a male figure, with lovebirds. Very romantic!

Stay tuned for a full painting reveal here, or through Camilla’s Facebook.

New Painting Exhibition June 14



Ayden Gallery in Vancouver is hosting an exciting new exhibition opening June 14. Camilla will be featured alongside artists Kristian Adam, Peter Ricq and Lani Imre.


Camilla is working on a series of 10 brand new paintings for the exhibition. Camilla’s most recent previous painting series, created for The Candy Escape Exhibition made a big splash among fans and the art world with her hauntingly beautiful surreal portraiture. From the looks of Camilla’s Work-In-Progress photo, this painting series will blow us away!



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Camilla d’Errico & Brandi Milne – The Candy Escape


Camilla d'Errico and Brandi Milne have an upcoming 2-person show, very exciting!
The Candy Escape – Camilla d’Errico & Brandi Milne


This year we’ve seen Camilla develop her Fine Art paintings in even more exquisite ways. Continuing to exercise the boundaries of traditional media and Pop Surrealism, Camilla and Brandi Milne are excited to announce their upcoming 2-person Exhibition at Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Machine Gallery.

The Candy Escape exhibition opens Friday, October 12th at 7pm at the Cotton Candy Machine Gallery. Works will be up for sale and exhibition through to November 4th.


Cotton Candy Machine has hosted the smashingly successful Tiny Trifecta exhibitions in recent years, with a curatorial mandate of making Fine Artworks available accessible to more collectors at 100$ea.
In keeping with this spirit, The Candy Escape will feature artworks by Camilla and Brandi Milne with Gallery List Prices at and under $2200.


Camilla is working on a lineup of new 11×14″ Oil Paintings, and Inked Lineart drawings.


A highly detailed and very sensual pair of Mer-peeps ;)
The Mer-Peep Show


Colours pour from where her heart should be - a visual metaphor?
Rainbow Spill Girl


A work in progress for The Candy Escape
New Painting In Progress


Original framed drawings and paintings will be available during The Candy Escape, as well as Camilla prints and merchandise.


For info on collecting Camilla’s pieces from The Candy Escape, please inquire sean@thecottoncandymachine.com

WIP of New Zebra Shark Painting

Hey y’all, this is the continuation of the zebra shark painting I started in the live painting class at Anime Evolution in August.  It took me a while to get to it, but here is a WIP shot.  I’ll soon announce what this is for and where it will be on display.

Zebra Milk 1

For anyone who missed it, here is the video from when I started the piece.

Back to the guitar I’m painting now …