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Glass Kuro Fox Charm Is Coming Soon

You might have seen a tease of the new Glass Kuro Fox Charm over on Tumblr, but now for some more details! First, some bad news. Everyone expected the charms would be ready by WonderCon, which is why it was up on Facebook. But unfortunately, some issues with shipping have made that impossible. Still, the charms will be available at Emerald City Comicon later this month! On to the details!

The Glass Kuro Fox Charm is based on the devilish form in Tanpopo, but you probably already knew that, right? >_^

Each charm is made of hand-blown glass by Bling Squared, so every piece is unique in its own way. The charms come with a certificate that is numbered and hand-signed as well, and because of the time and craftsmanship that goes into each, they are limited to only 250 pieces. Each charm retails for $30.

In other WonderCon news, the ‘No Ordinary Love’ prototype statue will be on display, and pre-orders can be taken at the show. The statue will be available for pre-order online as well in the near future, and retails for $125. Please know that shipping on this item will be a bit higher because of its delicate nature.

Also, there are only 25 fine art prints of Resurrected Bone Collective available, but a handful will be at the show on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are plans to have any fine art prints left up in the online store as well.

Finally, Emerald City Comicon in Seattle is coming up fast! It’ll be so great to see everyone and we’ll try have some hardcover books of Tanpopo for sale! And remember, there are only five spaces available if you’d like to order a customized, one-of-a-kind original sketch to be picked up at the show. Sketches start at $100 for a single character, and can be more elaborate for higher price points.

Thanks for all of your support! Hope you enjoy the high-quality, limited-edition items that have been coming out this year. It’s sometimes hard to get items before they sellout, like the new clothing line (which has been so successful because of you!), but the idea is for everyone to get something that is personal and lasts for a long time.

If you’d like to pre-order the Glass Kuro Fox Charm, the ‘No Ordinary Love’ statue, a Resurrected Bone Collective fine art print, an original sketch or anything else, please email store@camilladerrico.com and someone should get back to you right away. Thanks again! Hope to see you at one of the conventions this year!

Convention Seasons Kicks-Off with WonderCon

2012 is going to be a great year for fan conventions! While Camilla and the rest of the crew would like to make it out to every show, we can only go to so many each year. Camilla is busy creating so many wonderful new paintings, and of course still working on Tanpopo, Helmetgirls, and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. We hope to see you as many as possible at our booth!

The first show of the year is WonderCon from March 16th – 18th in sunny Anaheim, California. A very special prototype of the recently announced “No Ordinary Love” statue from Dark Horse Comics (seen above) will be on display at the d’Errico Studios booth. We’ll be taking pre-orders for the statue at the show, which are limited to 950 editions worldwide. Come by and see how beautiful the bust looks in person before it’s available in stores.

Camilla is also taking a select number of orders for sketches from now until March 9th for WonderCon. Sketches of a single character start at $100, and be customized for more characters upon request. Only five sketches will be available for fans to order, so if you want a one-of-a-kind original work from Camilla d’Errico that you can pick up at WonderCon, send an email to info@camilladerrico.com before time runs out! (Those wanting to get their sketch requests in early for Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle should email as well!)

Because we love seeing fans so much in person, we’ve saved a few items from the brand-new clothing launch that are currently sold-out online. Come say hello to see what items we’ll have left – it may be the very last of that clothing anywhere!

A lot of people have been asking about other conventions over on the Facebook page, and as promised – here’s a list of conventions where d’Errico Studios will have a booth this year:

Emerald City Comicon – March 30th – April 1st.

Fan Expo Vancouver – April 21st – 22nd.

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo – April 27th – 29th.

Anime Expo – June 29th – July 2nd.

San Diego Comic Con – July 12th – 15th.

Fan Expo Canada (in Toronto) – August 23rd – 26th.

New York Comic Con – October 11th – 14th.

More shows may be added as the year continues, so stayed tuned! And keep an eye on Camilla’s Tumblr next week for a sneak preview of a very special item.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at a show!


Wondercon On My Way!

Wondercon in San Francisco starts Friday April 1st and I will be there in person to man the d’Errico Studios booth, meet fans, and sign my life away!

For the first time, I will have a BOOTH in the DEALER’S ROOM. I am not in artist alley! I will be in HALL B.  My booth number is 721.


And oh do I have some awesome new stuff for you – Wondercon!!! Art books, new prints, art blocks, new comics, and new clothing. I’m also debuting my new booth displays ^__^.

I’m looking forward to being back in San Francisco, to going out with friends, art openings, and spending a few extra days in town, winding down and catching up with everyone.

See you in San Francisco!


Sakura Con & Wondercon = Happy Easter Weekend!

Hello everyone! Quick note to let you know that we’re gearing up for another double convention weekend!


I’ll be at Wondercon again, with two tables in Artist Alley, same place as last year, and with even more merchandise. I’ve got new clothing, new prints, new merchandise, new jewelry … yes, indeed, there will be lots to pick up, even for those who cleaned me out last year!  Ha ha! I’m ready for ya, come and get me!!  TABLE 62 & 63 IN ARTIST ALLEY.

Pics from last year:

Wondercon 2009_1

Wondercon 2009_2

And for the first time ever, we’ll be at Sakura Con in Seattle!  Nancy will be there with all the merchandise too, living it up with the anime fans. For those who have asked me about Sakura Con in the past, I PROMISE that I will go as soon as I can. With cons overlapping this is a problem, but trust me, now that Nancy is on board, we can double up the presence at conventions and she’s a ton of fun, so please go say hi to her and pick up some of your favorite items!  TABLE 704 DEALER’S ROOM

Check out some photos from Megacon! You can’t miss the booth!

Happy Easter and I look forward to seeing you out at the cons!


Conventions Report – 1st weekend down, many more to go!

Hello, hello!! My voice hasn’t quite recovered from Emerald City Comic Con and I’m still reeling from the mass of people that were there.  I had three of the bestest helpers a girl could ask for, and we found out that next year the show will be extended to three days!  Here are a few photos for ya!

So thank you to everyone who came out and supported me, bought from me and chatted with me. It was awesome and a great way to kick off convention season.  While I was in Seattle, Nancy was kickin’ it in Orlando, bringing my merchandise out to Florida for the first time ever at MEGACON.  She really had an awesome time, and you should check her pics out on Flickr and on the Facebook Fanpage.  She does a much better job than I do with photos and videos and all that, but I promise I’ll do my best to get more photos too. It’s on!!  Here are a few of hers:

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about and from Nancy soon. In fact, she’ll be writing to the blog under her pseudonym and guise, Nanacon, telling everyone about the conventions she’ll be going to, new products we get in stock, and generally keeping us updated about online store promotions and anything related to merchandise.  She’s a ball of energy, and more excited about the products than me sometimes ;).

Anyone with questions about products, the online store, conventions can ask Nancy directly. You can email her at cderricostore@gmail.com and follow her on Twitter @nancyrenatta.

As we both recover from last weekend, I’m off to paint, and Nancy will be getting us ready for the Spring Break convention weekend, April 2-4th … I’ll be at Wondercon and Nanacon will be at Sakuracon!  Make sure you hit us with your special merchandise requests and we’ll bring them, special delivery!

Cheers y’all!