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Work in Progress – Sneak Peak – Wednesday, Part I

Hey y’all!  I’m starting a new “thang”.  Every Wednesday I’m going to post a work in progress shot (or two or three) of something I’m working on. Let’s get going!



Art for the Magical Girls show for Sweet Streets LA at Gallery Meltdown

Winding down the paintings

Hey all, I encountered a setback that has delayed me finishing the paintings. So I can show you a couple more mystery, WIP shots!

Hopefully I’ll have these all done this week before I go to Calgary for the Comics Expo!  I can’t wait to show you the finals, and for those who can see them in person especially. The jpgs could never do these justice.

I’ve learned SO much from Leonardo Da Vinci, and I’m happy to say that I’ll get to see his “Last Supper” in Milan!!! And some more of his amazing work in Italy when I go ^_^.

For now, enjoy these pics and I love hearing from you, so comment away!

sneak 11

sneak 12

love and hugs,


Rome’s Helmetgirls

Here are a couple of snapshots from the paintings for the solo show in Rome. I’ve decided on a name, but I’m holding out on officially releasing it until the gallery, Mondo Bizzarro, has announced the show.  I know, I tease, but it’ll be worth it!

For now, here are some snapshots I’ve taken of a few of the paintings.  Not good shots, just with my iPhone, but I wanted to share!


sneak 1

sneak 3

sneak 4