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Another Zombuki!

Happy Friday!  Remember the Zombuki doll inspired by my Disassembled Tears image that appeared in the blogosphere a few months ago? Well that lovely doll was thanks to it’s equally lovely creator, Brigitte and her wild imagination.  We both loved the doll so much (as did the person who bought it for their collection) that we thought — another?


This time the doll is mine all mine! We went with the inspiration from No Ordinary Love, and Brigitte set off to do her doll making magic.  Here are a few work in progress shots, and then the final!  I’m thrilled with how it turned out and can’t wait to have it at home with me.




And the final, finished girl!



No Ordinary Love

Crazy Cool Disassembled Tears Doll!

I absolutely MUST share this with everyone!  This is a Zombuki. And the creator of Zombuki dolls, Brigitte, got inspired one night in a dream to create a Pullip doll inspired by Disassembled Tears!  How cool is that?!  And this is the result!  Personally, I’m floored by this, jaw-dropping, jumping up and down, excited at how she turned out.  Awesome skills!



Here’s a gallery of work in progress images from the work Brigitte did while putting her together:

Thanks Brigitte! I can’t wait to see what your beautiful creative mind comes up with next!