‘Tanpopo’ Now Free to Read on MTV Geek

Starting today, Tanpopo will be free to read online thanks to MTV Geek! The pop-culture website will run a new section of Tanpopo each week until the series is completed, and to launch the new feature, MTV Geek is hosting a contest where fans have the chance to win a giant, limited edition Buddha Kuro plush and a Blueberry Kuro vinyl that was an SDCC exclusive!

Tanpopo is a graphic tale that reinterprets the literary classic “Faust” through the story of Tanpopo, a strange girl who wishes to know love, and Kuro, a shape-shifting demon who promises to show her true emotion in exchange for her soul. Inspired by manga, epic poems, and cultures from all around the world, Tanpopo breaks the boundaries between comic book and abstract art to create an experience that is as engaging as it is powerful.

If you haven’t gotten lost in the world of Tanpopo, now’s your chance to start at the beginning. We’ve set up a special website just for Tanpopo where fans can download wallpaper images, learn more about the characters, follow the news on Tumblr, and ask the devilish Kuro a question!

It will take several months for the full series to be released for free through MTV Geek, but if you can’t wait to see how the story unfolds, we have Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 available in the online store. As well, you can buy the Vol. 1-3 bundle for a lower price than purchasing all three separately, or you can order a special set of  Vol. 1 that comes with a Kuro and Specter plush.

Thanks for reading, and please share the news about being able to read Tanpopo for free on MTV Geek, and about the contest to win Tanpopo prizes, they’ll be happy you did!

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