Thank You Portland!!!!

HOLY MAMA! I am flabbergasted and floating around on Cloud 9! The weekend in Portland was great!

Thank you to ALL the people who were part of it. First of all, Aaron from Dark Horse and Matt from Compound. Thursday night at the signing was super crazy fun! The print, the tshirts, the tote bags, the turnout – all of it! Thanks for putting on this event for me. I loved seeing familiar faces, or putting faces to familiar names from emails or IMs, and of course I loved making new friends and fans.

Here are a couple pics, courtesy of Compound:






Compound Gallery has posted the print, tote bag and tshirt on the site. Go here to get yours. Last I heard there were only a few left!  There are also some fun pics of the event on the Compound site. Here are images of the tshirts and tote bag:

camilla_techno-tako-pink camilla_tote camilla_techno-tako-white




















And then there was Stumptown. Great convention, as always. I already have a picture to show you – me and a couple of my friends/helping hands at the table.




Tanpopo is, of course, my big piece that I am trying to promote now. I had a new banner made, and of course I had the new version of the book to sell. I’m gearing up for the plushie to be available next month and for Tanpopo 2 to be ready for San Diego! 

One really cool, brand new item that I debuted in Portland was the new journal with Tanpopo images made by Modofly. The guys at Modofly have done a great job with the journals, since they changed from the Moleskine to this new full colour version. To buy one of these journals, click here. Here are a few pics of the journals: two are Tanpopo and the other two are Birdnest and Ninja Girl:








The whole weekend made this girl a happy girl! Now I am collecting my energies and getting ready for the live painting event on Thursday and Friday at Whistler! The Zune Hut … it’s mine, baby, it’s mine! Snowboards and Helmets to live paint on! I don’t know how many will be up at Whistler but if you are, stop by and see me.  

I’m painting from 2 to 6 pm both days 🙂

I’ll post more pictures on Facebook, and anyone who has any please send them to me or post them on the fanpage so everyone can see them! I can’t say it enough – THANK YOU ALL!!!

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