Thanks For A Fun SDCC2012!


San Diego Comic Con was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who came by the booth to see Camilla, got books signed, and scope out all the new releases.

Camilla had a giant booth full of new prints, clothing and merchandise.
Camilla's 10x10 Booth bursted at the seams with amazing prints, clothing and merchandise.


Camilla joined panel on “Censorship And The Artist”, which could have easily lasted twice as long with all the thoughtful insight and questions raised.

Camilla had lots of fun new things at her booth, many sold out at the show!
Kuro and Specter were dressed to impress for SDCC


A handful of advanced No Ordinary Love Busts were available- but not for long!
The No Ordinary Love Busts at Comic Con didn't hang around long.


Camilla's newest digital painting Kuro Of Thrones
Camilla's Game Of Thrones homage 'Kuro Of Thrones' debuted at SDCC


33 Dragon Tears was printed on Mens and Womens tshirts
Tshirts for 33 Dragon Tears and Unihorns were made for SDCC


San Diego Comic Con is an amazing time for Camilla to connect with fans and collectors. Here are a couple of the new art pieces commissioned for convention pickup.


A special commission from Dominion Tank Police
A special commissioned artwork for pickup at SDCC


A commission taken at the show, on a Shikishi Board
Camilla took a commission at SDCC too!


The next shows coming up are Cos & Effect Vancouver (Aug 24-26) and Fan Expo Toronto (Aug 23-26). If you’re interested in picking up some original Camilla artwork from these shows, drop us a line at

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