Thanks For Entering, Let’s Do It Again


The special contest on Facebook is over, but thank you all so much for entering! It’s awesome to see some people have kept a Tanpopo image as their profile picture. There are so many great things coming up this year – I wish I could tell you now! Until more news can come out about some neat projects, you can keep entertained by asking Kuro a question.

Also, there are only a few more prints of Convoluted Love, Tickle Monster, Sorceress, Fruit Fuzz, Jerrel’s Birthday, Glow Friends, and the Neil Gaiman Collab: Angry Universe. Brand-new prints are on their way, but we want to make sure everyone has the chance to get these pieces before they’re gone forever in their current format.

So, let’s have another contest, shall we?! What do you think it should be – something on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter? Maybe some special incentive through the newsletter? Leave a comment below for a contest you’d like to enter, and we’ll see what we can put together in the next couple weeks. Thanks, everyone!

P.S. – Here’s a picture of my new French Bulldog. ^_^


4 thoughts on “Thanks For Entering, Let’s Do It Again

  1. Any contest would be cool ^^ Maybe some type of creative contest? Art, writing? Like write a short story about our favorite character or favorite painting of yours, something along those lines. I’d totally have fun writing a story. I can’t draw for beans though, lol.

    Cute doggie! I’m a cat person myself, have 3 of the little buggers. 😀 Maybe you could have a cute pet contest…. hehe.

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