The Art Hustle – A Trading Card Game Where Everyone Wins

The Art Hustle Series 2 has chosen Camilla to be one of the original artists in the new project! If you’re not familiar with the series, the cards can be purchased online by the box, or in individual wax-wrapped packs, and feature a variety of different artists. One side features a photograph of the artist, and the other side an original piece of art. People can swap, trade, giveaway, or buy cards from other collectors to try and get a complete series, or just to have a set of favorites.

Here’s one of Camilla’s piece for the card set:


There is also a built-in 90 card artist menko. Menko is Japanese card game, much like the popular 1990s game of Pogs, but without “slammers.” Players throw cards, trying to flip them in order to win the opposition’s card. It’s also just been announced that Ron English will add nine sticker cards and Frank Kozik will contribute a special, screen-printed nine card set!

Ron English sticker cards web

Kozik silkscreens web

And check out some of the other great artists who will be featured in the trading card series, due to be on sale this June 8th:






Wade Lageose


Fawn Gehweiler


CJ Metzger


Miss Mindy


Joe Ledbetter


Luke Chueh

Don’t forget, there’s still one day left to enter our special Facebook contest, where you can win one of five Tanpopo prize packages!

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