Thinkspace Pics!

Hey All! Well, my first trip to LA was a fantastic, i had a great time getting to know wonderful artist Sarah Joncas (who is an incredible talent and such a sweetie), painting a gigantic mural, and reeking general havoc on that huge city in general!
I have to thank Thinkspace for everything they did for us, they went above and beyond to host us and make this show unbelievable. Thank you to all of you who came out to support and chat and get to know us, it was really wonderful to meet you all!
Here are some pics of the trip, i hope you enjoy them and to check out the work, just go to the Thinkspace Gallery Website, i will be posting the images on my website shortly as well.

Check out the palm trees…classic LA!

The beginning of the beastly mural!

That’s the biggest antler girl i’ve ever seen ^O^

BondGirls ^__^

Sarah totally rocks, we were having such a fun time.

The opening was super packed…what a crowd!


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