Tonight’s The Night!

Hi everyone, thanks for putting up with my spamming about the party >_^

Before I go do the final preparations at the gallery – touch ups to the canvases, the wall murals and set-up of all the merchandise, I can’t forget to remind you that if you sign into Foursquare when you’re at the party, and leave a nice lil’ message, the gallery will give you a free gift ^_^  So just show that you’ve signed in with Foursquare and pick up your goodies!

I’m extremely excited about this year’s party because for one thing – there’s no snowstorm!!! And of course because this year I’ve got new art, lots of it – paintings and prints and cards and then so much cool merchandise and Tanpopo #3.  But not only Tanpopo 3 — also Kuro, many many Kuros — Poodles, and Buddhas and the vinyl prototype!!


Buddha, Poodle, Specter

vinyl sculpts

Tanpopo 3.

It makes me very happy to organize and put on these parties because I love meeting you, and sharing my art with you. I get to do it this through the blog and social media and I love that I can connect with so many people, and I love it even more when I can connect in person.
So thank you – whether you are coming the party or not – for being such a huge part of my life, for giving me the motivation to keep creating art, and a great reason to throw a party!

All My Best,


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