Transmetropolitan Fundraiser

Today is the last day to pledge money to the Transmetropolitan Art Book project!  I am one of the contributing artists to the book, and it’s a powerhouse of talent. All proceeds from the fundraiser, after printing costs, will be donated to the comic book legal defense fund.



It has been nearly ten years since the release of the final issue of TRANSMETROPOLITAN, the Eisner-nominated comics series from writer Warren Ellis and artist Darick Robertson. We have approached Mr Ellis and Mr Robertson about putting together a brand new art book of original images, and we’re happy to report both of the co-creators will be participating in this project, donating a brand new cover and a foreword for the book!

TRANSMETROPOLITAN combines black humor, political scandal, and moral ambiguity to look into the gonzo mind of an outlaw journalist and The City he inhabits. Aided by his embattled Editor and his two Assistants, the protagonist blazes a path through a futuristic world of skyscrapers and technological wonders, dark alleys and unspeakable depravity.


This new art book will be a hardcover volume limited to a few thousand hand-numbered copies.  If you want a copy, you must pledge.