Ultra Limited Hamburger Disco T-Shirts Available


Lots of fun news this week! There’s been a lot going on, so this blog post is sort of an update about all the different things that have been happening this month. Might be a good link to share with people since there’s so much info. >_^

To start, there are some brand new t-shirts available in the online store, from this year’s exclusive Hamburger Disco event in Vancouver, B.C., that won’t be around for long. “While supplies last,” isn’t even the phase for it; there are some designs that only have one shirt available. And yes, there are guy-sizes! Starting today, for one week, the shirts will be on-sale for $30! After that, the shirts will be $35, which may seem pricey for a t-shirt, but there really are only a handful left of the entire series.

(Speaking of things going fast, there are still other shirts available, along with the last of the art prints!)

It’s also exciting to report that there are some Transmetropolitan Art Books available to order on the CBLDF website! There are only a few available, not exactly sure of the exact number, since they were originally only going to be sold through pre-orders on the Kickstarter fundraiser, but it looks like at least a handful are up for grabs.

Wanna see a sneak peak?!


Here’s a photo of the book taken from the staff at ComicVine, who were important in project, and also cool.

transmet poster

Here’s a sketch version you might have seen before, and below is a video of the piece coming together.

There’s a longer version onĀ the Vimeo channel, along with other videos of works in progress!

And without further ado, the final image seen in the Transmetropolitan art collection:

camilla transmet

There are so many amazing artists in the book, including, but certainly not limited to, people like Aaron Diaz, Molly Crabapple, Dan Goldman, Lucas Ketner, Tim Seeley, Dean Motter, Milo Manara, Bryan Talbot, and of course, Darick Robertson. If you’re not familiar with any of these artists, please give them a look! And if you’re not familiar with Transmetropolitan, DC Comics has a free PDF download of the first issue – a must read.

Coming this summer, there will be a new online store, new art prints, an online game that will be revealed soon, a new book project that’s super secret, a new exclusive figure, more about Helmetgirls and Tanpopo, and, well, just more!

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Thanks for everything, as always. Here’s another look at the super rare Hamburger Disco t-shirts, on-sale now. Just click to be redirected to the online store:

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