Since the Free Comic Book Day signing I’ve been totally silent on blog, because I’ve been madly, sleeplessly working away on my current projects. The most stressful has been the finishing touches on the new cover and packaging for the Billy Boom Boom game.  The cover has to more than perfect, and its been rough going back and forth tweaking and perfecting. In the end though, I know it’ll be worth it! To top THAT off, I’ve also finished the pages to the first issue.  You can actually see some sneak peaks of the pages on my Facebook page! And here is an image from the game website, www.billyboomboom.com.  


Billy Boom Boom Game
Billy Boom Boom Game


The other thing I’ve finished is my Kokeshi!  Yes! I will be in this July’s Kokeshi show, held at the JANM in Los Angeles.  All the event info is here. The show opens July 11th.  And  my surprise is … she’s a helmetgirl BUT instead of animals or lollipops, this girl is chowing down on a watermelon! I had a ton of fun coming up with the concept … enjoy the pics!


Now that those two are finished, I’ll be diving into my painting, getting ready for the Thinkspace show in September!  And of course, I have to work like a maniac because I’ll be special guest at Anime North Toronto May 22-24th, then at A-Kon Dallas May 29-31st.  After that – I am home, home, home in Vancouver until San Diego con at the end of July!

By the way, I usually post pics to my Facebook Fanpage and I do Twitter! Yes, that’s right. Follow me on Twitter at this address: http://twitter.com/Helmetgirl

Have a great day everyone!


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