Wednesday Work In Progress – New Poster

Hope you’re getting used to seeing new previews of upcoming art on Wednesdays! You can check back each week to see sketches, works-in-progress, sneak-peeks, and more. Ok. Ok. Most Wednesdays. It gets busy, you know. ^_^

Here’s this week’s piece, it’s going to a be a Helmetgirls poster soon! Just click on the image to see a larger size, and feel free to share with friends, but please link back to this site or given appropriate credit, please and thanks.


Once again, thanks for all of your feedback on the Facebook page. You all really like contests, huh? Good! Here’s another one, it’s easy. Just answer one of the questions below by commenting on this blog. One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday, June 3rd and be sent their choice of one the following prints which will soon be gone forever: Convoluted LoveTickle MonsterSorceressFruit FuzzJerrel’s BirthdayGlow Friends, and the Neil Gaiman Collab: Angry Universe. Good luck!

“What do you think this poster will be titled?”

“What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

132 thoughts on “Wednesday Work In Progress – New Poster

  1. I see blues and earthy colors being used in this one… mostly because the title of the image has the word “underground”… 😉

  2. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

    I think she’ll use greys and browns for the ground/earth the cords are breaking up through. I have a feeling that the girl’s hair will be blonde, the cords will be varying degrees of blues and purples.

  3. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

    I feel like she’ll continue to outline the rest of painting in black and leave the entire painting black and white. Except for the cords coming out from the ground, which i can see being red possibly or a bright color to offset the rest of the painting.

  4. It’s difficult to predict what colours Camilla will use since her combinations are always so bold and daring. I’m thinking blues/greys/purples would set the mood perfectly for this piece. But of course, a few warm colours (red/orange) somewhere in there would be a fantastic contrast. Maybe the warm starting from the right of the piece gradually transitioning into cool where she is facing. I think this would represent alot, as it seems to me that she is breaking free from being bound to the underground, and making her way towards a fresh new horizon.

    Patiently awaiting the finished piece!
    Well done Camilla, your art just keeps getting better and better!

  5. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”

    Hard to choose one title, so here are a few bouncing around in my mind….

    “The Headdress”
    “Earthen Roots”

    I enjoy this piece a lot, keep up the great work Camilla!

  6. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

    I think I definitely foresee cool colors being the prominent pallet here! And if that’s the case, then the cords coming from her could be in contrasting warm colors. 😀 I wonder what will be in the background, though!

  7. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

    I think Camilla will use cool tones, blues, greys, and some purples. I see this piece having an icy feel to it once it’s finished. Can’t wait til the finished piece is revealed! Beautiful as always, Camilla <3

  8. Title: “Compelling Argument”

    Colors: I see warm colors, reds and orange for a sunset along with the cool colors, grey blue for the ground

  9. Title: ” Unbounded Freedom”

    Colors: I seem some stark blues and mossy greens with some offset reds and perhaps pinks being gradually introduced. The blues and greens would show the captivity of her to the ground and with the gradual reds and some pinks will show the determination and drive to free herself from captivity.

  10. “Tied Down” should be the title.

    I think this poster will be one of Camilla’s blue ones. It’ll have a lot of different shades of blue in it. With some greens and very little brown. If she decides to put an animal in it, it’d be cool to see a gopher or mole.

  11. For colors, I think purples, greys, black.. maybe some blues.

    And for title, Emotional Attachment.

  12. I think that the colors of the background will be greys with hues of blue and violet mixed in, and the girl will be gold/yellow and much warmer than her surroundings.

  13. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    hot pink and black a little bit of yellow

  14. can i answer them both?

    “What do you think this poster will be titled?”
    sugar fiend

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    bright lime green, dark brown, white, & a touch of fushia

  15. Title: Severing The Ties That Bind

    Colors: Blue, Green, Red and Black with hints of yellow.

  16. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”
    ~Cosmos Ramified~

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    I can envision pastel-ish neon blues, pinks, yellows for the background, possibly darker blues and red with orange on the helmet cables to signify action and allow the colors to pop against a black and white helmet, and possible earthy reds, green and browns for scenery of the ground.

    Cant wait t see the end product!!

  17. blues, white, gray on one side staring darker on the conrer near to her. then, baby pinks, yellow and white on the other framing a lil door of light… like she is moving from somewhere dark towards a light.. its hard to write it but i see it clearly in my mind. its cos to me she is not just braking away from something, but it looks like she is more intrested in where she is trying to get to… they way she is faceing away, with her hand casuly tuging at the things holding her back.. almost like she is too captuervated by what she is seeing to play it much mind.. lol but that just the storry my mind has made up for her ^ ^

    the name…

    for love of light.

  18. About the title, I’ll say something like ” No string attache” or ” New step ”

    About the color… hummm… I was thinking maybe simple black and white… w/ light and shadow… and bring all the attention on her hair with a nice red

    Emilie 😉

  19. i think it will be titled: “STRINGS ATTACHED” or maybe “GROUNDED” or “UP-ROOTED”

  20. Cool, damp, colors. Glowing shades of purples and blues for the crystals, with the background being mostly dark/navy blue.

  21. Thanks for sharing your work in progress Camilla! I’m learning to paint and I always wonder how the pro’s do it. Here’s my thoughts about it.

    “What do you think this poster will be titled?”
    Analog Unplugged

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    violet background with red cables and brown ground.

  22. About the colours i was thinking to a blue petrol or dark blue background with different shades of blues…and the girl’s hair fade from pink to baby blue (also aquamarine it’not bad). Since her hair remind me of electric cables it’ll be really beautiful if they have a soft glow that irradiate on the ground and on the girl’s body!
    The title…it’s a hard question, but i think “Curiosity” is ok. From my point of view she seems attracted and captivated by something and don’t mind to the “chains” that bind her to the ground.

    Can’t wait to see it finished, your art is beautiful as always! I really hope someday you’ll come to Rome again! ^___^

  23. I think it will be finished in warm greys and yellows. I could not possibly come up with a name, they are usually very clever and unexpected.

  24. Beautiful! I think maybe it will be called, “Outbreak” :3 colors, hmm … maybe lavenders, purples, pinks, browns, and periwinkle … I wonder if I’ll be right? hehe!

  25. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”
    :: “Unyielding Chords”

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    :: Subtle blues everywhere, with pops of yellow and red.


  26. By looking at this, I see is very emotional.

    Personally I can see it in grey’s, reds and maroons.

  27. The Title: Living Strenght!

    The colors: I would do the hair golden yellow with shade of light brown on the rocks.The body off white and the rest of the picture in a bright red!

  28. I’m gonna have to go with “The Wired” for a title. Makes me think of the anime Serial Experiments Lain. 😀

  29. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”

    From The Underground

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”

    As for the colors I think it will start in the bottom left corner with dark greens to the right top corner bright yellows.
    As for the body I could see it being in a reddish hue and redsidh purple wires.

  30. 1 – “Rise of the Underground”

    2 – Gray. Some pale blue with darker shading. Black for her hair. Perhaps some light pink at the curve of her fingers, indicating the pressure of breaking free the wires.

    Thank you, as always, for updating us on your pieces.

  31. The title could be “Breakthru”.

    And the colors could be grey, blue, white and yellow. And a bit of purple, my favourite color 😉

  32. I’m thinking royal/dark blue for the ground, red and pink hair, with a touch of mustard yellow and blue for her head piece. 🙂

  33. I think this poster should be titled “Cables of Discontent”.

    The colors would be black, red, grey and gun metal silver.

  34. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    I think that the outline will be in black, and then some light washed out blues for a lot of the painting, and then some blonde and red for the hair or chords.

  35. I can’t help but imagine this piece being painted with dark, cool colors (probably including some greys), dominating the bottom and left of the canvas, moving toward brilliant blues and contrasting highlights of yellow and orange closer to the upper right. The expression of her struggle and her great strength is magnificent here, so I’m sure the power in the colors will match the power of the movement we see.

    I am tempted to call this piece “Labor”, hahah! But I think perhaps “Ungrounding” would be more appropriate.

  36. “Escaping Plato’s Cave”. That’s what it looks like she’s doing. Amazing work Camilla!

  37. Title: Groundbreaking Feat and I think the colours used could be blues, yellows and orange. 🙂

  38. title: ‘stuck in the mud’
    colors: brown and red, maybe some purple
    can’t wait to see it finished!

  39. For the title, I think that “Black Sheep” is suitable. For the colours, I think that rustic ones would look nice, such as metallic bronze, brown, golden orange, etc.

  40. The rocks could be colours close to mustard yellow and caramel. The wires attached to her head could be greens and reds. Her hair could be a turquoise to sea foam green.

  41. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    – I think the colours will be deep red and browns with metallic golds or brass!

    “What do you think this poster will be titled?”
    – I think it might be called “Birth.”

  42. Tittle “Strain”

    Colours Cyan or a soft sky blue that would hint at the far away dream she’s trying to get to.

  43. I think it should be called something like Deeply Rooted or Conection
    a pink background with dark red hair would look awesome and really make a statement

  44. I think the colors you will use might be green yellows and orange and silver of course. the picture may be called. ” earth’s disconnection”

  45. Title: ” Freedom”
    Colours: Red, Black and pink- black for oppression, red for passion, pink for femininity and hope- one day she’ll break free.

  46. I’m going to answer both.

    “What do you think this poster will be titled?”
    Since the pic is called “underground.jpg” I’m going to go with Underground

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    Mostly earthy colours so brown, orange, yellow, red, and black

  47. 1. I think it will be called “Awaken or I’ll be here….”
    2. I think the colors will be yellow, red, green and purple

  48. 1 the title could be `the journey`
    2 the colours could be blue, violet and silver, with a dash of pink

  49. My first thought when i saw the picture was “Birth from Beneath” or “Awakened from Beneath” not sure why, but i could get it out of my mind last night.
    colors: Really couldn’t say but maybe and Dark Reds and Purples

  50. Title: Awaken the Underworld
    Colours: Primary Red with blues and yellows

    Beautiful! Two of your prints are hanging framed in my office here in St. Catharines 🙂

  51. “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”
    Probably some slate type of colors, and some tans with a brighter color thrown in.

    Love the work!

  52. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”

    I was thinking “Emerge” or “Drag to the Surface.”

  53. Since the the file is called underground I’m guessing that’s the name. But I think another good name would be Breaking Free. As for the colors I can see some soft yellows with a harsher contrast of salmon and some browns and greens.

  54. “What do you think this poster will be titled?” – Underground Tether

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?” – mostly purples and blues

  55. I think the colours could be browns, orange, black, and possibly a deep forest-y green. Also, it looks gorgeous.

  56. I think the colours Camilla will use are blues, browns. greens, purples, pinks, and black. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  57. “What do you think this poster will be titled?”-(uprooted and unearthed)

    “What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster?”-(yellow,brown, and blue)

  58. What do you think this poster will be titled? No strings attached

    What colors do you think Camilla will use on this new poster? Purple

  59. i woul’d say more of a dark blue going on black to represent the darkness of the world… and maybe flash green to represent the earth… that she camme from… but red too because of the way she finaly find out that the world aint that of a place… so i would call it… “down from the earth… “

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